Mr. Lovecraft, are you there? This internal interview transcript from +Hulong Transglobal is chilling.

In it, Antoine Smith describes to Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe the symptoms of his exposure to Dark XM/Chaotic Matter. They are unsettling, to say the least.

Also worth noting is his evaluation of his psychological state. He feels like he is 'evolving.'

What might an insane genius like Oliver Lynton-Wolfe concoct with unfettered access to HTG's reserves of this  powerful material? Could any technology constructed from this matter be used for good, or have Hulong truly embarked on a path of destructive force. Or are we jumping to conclusions, could Smith's sense of 'evolution' be something positive? 

Something to keep in mind... If +Hank Johnson's hypotheses are true, the Portals, (and thus XM) may have been with us since the dawn of Civilization... Chaotic Matter, on the other hand, seems to only exist in certain specific places.

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