Yesterday, a rumor surfaced that Tycho was planning on releasing an entirely new comic. It's not clear yet what period in the Niantic Investigation his work will reveal, but another image came to the surface today that might help...

Any guesses who we're looking at here? Anyone know what happened to Tycho after the NIA grabbed him at Comic-Con before the Niantic Project even came to light?

A #Recursion Anomaly is expected to strike Bangalore later tonight... One of the interesting bits of research I came across while trying to figure out the connection to the Artifacts was that the civilization present at Bangalore may have been trading with Roman civilizations around 27BCE, and there's evidence that Stone and Iron Age civilizations existed in the area going much, much further back. Did Alexander ever make it there? Is there any evidence of Glyphs or XM/Portal impact on the history, art or culture of that area?

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