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As someone who uses this app almost every day and once had some most helpful assistance from the developer, my question is

How may I make a contribution to show my appreciation, neither coding nor translation are things I can help with, but happy to make a donation either to the developer or to a non-profit organisation of his choosing.

Thank you for your work.
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+Larry Costa Larry, quite apart from possible GPL licence issues. There's trust, requiring an activation key pretty much means no more open source and without open sourced code how can one trust a VPN application?
Happy to contribute, developers have got to eat too!
However going down the activation key route would be a dreadful direction to take this really useful application.
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By now you've probably heard: Trump said he'd given $1 million of his own money to veterans groups, but he actually hadn't.   His campaign manager, too, falsely claimed he had given this money. 

4 months later, the Washington Post and other papers started investigating.  They contacted Trump and asked what was up.  On May 24th, feeling the heat, he broke down and handed over the million bucks.

Other donors had also given money to the Donald J. Trump Foundation on the promise that Trump would then give it to veterans.  And he did - after  he was caught.  The Associated Press found that many of his checks were dated May 24, after  the Washington Post story came out.

That's bad enough, but the really interesting part is the temper tantrum that Trump threw at a press conference where he publicly announced that he'd finally given the promised money.

He blasted the media for making him “look bad” by insisting that he account for $6 million.  He called them "dishonest" and "not good people", without giving any example of dishonesty.  And he personally attacked ABC reporter Tom Llamas.

“I’m not looking for credit,” Trump insisted, contrary to all appearances. “But what I don’t want is when I raise millions of dollars have people say — like this sleazy guy over here from ABC. He’s a sleaze in my book.”

"Why am I a sleaze?" Llamas shot back.

“You’re a sleaze!” Trump shouted. “Because you know the facts and you know the facts well.”   Llamas, you see, had just asked a question about this issue.  He also had a history of asking Trump tough questions about his anti-immigrant rhetoric. 

It's shocking for a US presidential candidate to act this way.  This is what a Chicago gangster or tinpot dictator would do.

“Is this what it’s going to be like covering you if you’re president?” one reporter asked.

Trump’s reply: “Yeah, it is. I’m going to continue to attack the press.”

And indeed, Trump has said that if he becomes president, he will "open up" the libel laws to make it easier to sue people who say things he doesn't like.  This is exactly  what dictators do.

In 2005, Timothy O'Brien wrote a book TrumpNation: The Art Of Being The Donald.   He raised questions about Trump's claims of vast wealth.  Trump promptly sued O'Brien for $5 billion.  It was the largest libel lawsuit in U.S. history.  Maybe Trump was trying to gain the wealth he didn't actually have.   But the lawsuit was dismissed, because of course it's not libel to report that someone is not as rich as they claim.

It's tough to take public criticism.  Hillary Clinton knows this well.   But Clinton is not thin-skinned like Trump.   I don't want a president who throws hissy fits at press conferences, yells at reporters, and threatens writers with lawsuits.

The Washington Post article about Trump on May 24:

A video of Trump's press conference:

On Trump wanting to "open up" libel laws, and suing O'Brien:
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JAG: “When I've said … I'm happy with Oracle's stewardship … it reflects the fact my expectations were really low”
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Mainland Europe Trip. Day 1
This trip was planned long ago, before the EU referendum was anything more than a frothing gob of spittle from the corner of the Farage’s ‘bouche fétide.’
Okay, I won’t go on about him….
Stop now. Any comments relating to that will be immediately removed. It's my post. Don't argue.
Okay, Europe.
I drove to Dover in an uber elite, over privileged bubble, don’t know how real people live 1%'s car, the Tesla Model S.
I drove onto the clever car transporting train that goes under the joint, English French built clever tunnel to Sangate in France.
The Eurotunnel, where engineers from either side of La Manche get on really well together.
They really do, I met a load of them a few years back, did two TV programs about the tunnel, how it was made, how Thatcher and Mitterrand had dinner together in the middle when it was complete.
How the huge power cable bringing nuclear generated electricity from France is kept cool on it's 114 kilometre journey. (The tunnel is not straight)
How the massive pumps work, because it does leak a bit. Not like gushing water 1970’s disaster movie, just a couple of drips here and there. Okay, millions of drips, it has to be pumped out by pumps that are 5 times bigger than a house.
I drove along the service tunnels in electric cars, this is 10+ years ago, way before most people had seen any electric cars. They can’t have internal combustion engines in the service tunnel, at 114 kilometres long it’s too long to have air conditioning and filters, and it’s under pressure.
Oh, I could go on with dull tunnel facts for ages, you have to go through an airlock to get into the service tunnels, your ears pop, it’s brilliant.
Anyway, I came out the other side and drove off, no checkpoints, no nothing.
Half an hour later I drove into Belgium, no different than going from Country Durham to Tyne and Wear.
Got to a supercharger, re-filled the Tesla battery in about 23 minutes.
For free, who pays for the electricity. Poor people who uber elite bastards like me denigrate.
Sorry, sorry, read too many tweets today.
tesla pay for the electricity, no, hang on, that's wrong, rich people who buy Tesla's pay for it when they buy the cars.
Tomorrow I go to Eindhoven to film an episode of Fully Charged about FastNed, a brilliant electric car charging company that’s installed a very cool charging network.
I then drive to the other side of the Netherlands to pick up the Mrs.
She’s been giving lectures and stuff, she’s clever, she does stuff like that.
Then we’re driving to see some pals in Lubeck, that's in northern Germany for the geographically impaired, then on the ferry to Denmark and a short stay in Copenhagen.
My Mrs has never been to Copenhagen and always wanted to go.
It’s very interesting being in mainland Europe at the moment, my experience is purely anecdotal but here’s a thing.
When I drove my Tesla through Europe last summer, every time we stopped at a supercharger another Tesla driver would smile and say bonjour or guten morgen or Goedemorgen or god morgen and of course they’d all speak perfect English.
This afternoon a German Tesla pulled up next to mine, I smiled sheepishly and the guy shrugged, did a slight head shake, plugged in and walked off.
It wasn’t nasty, it was a very understated, polite brush off.
Now, it could be he’s just that kind of guy. He sees some old English numptie grinning at him and doesn’t want to engage, nothing wrong with that.
I’m sure I’m reading far too much into this brief semi interaction but it was mildly chilling.
Anyway, tomorrow is another summers day in Belgium, dull and grey with heavy rain showers.
Yes, it's all normal in Belgium.
It's utter chaos and uncertainty in the damp island I still just about call home.
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Crap Taxidermy @CrapTaxidermy. When you're hungover and you need to get water... Embedded image. 927 1483. Crap Taxidermy · May 20. Crap Taxidermy @CrapTaxidermy. Knew this would come back to bite me on the arse but I'm a man of my word. See you a week on Sunday @carloscarvalha2 ...
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A rather awesome collection that goes along with this bit of history.

How a mysterious ghost ship brought cosmic disco to Cape Verde
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This is well worth a careful read.
We spoke to men who fought for the IRA and UVF, a former National Front member and a man who was once involved in violent jihad.
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"When Friedman first joined the Guard, the agency employed neither uniformed nor civilian women. Savvy, quick-witted and stoic, she weighed some of the 20th century's most difficult ciphers: her findings nailed Chinese drug smugglers in Canada, identified a Manhattan antique doll expert as a home-grown Japanese spy, and helped resolve a diplomatic feud with Canada."

And then this:

"She didn't like "frivolous adjectives," and she didn't like reading quotes of hers that she remembered saying differently. But perhaps it wasn't the frivolity of prose that bothered her as much as the reason for its attention: she was a smart woman, and the backhandedness of this supposed compliment threatened to render it as an anomaly."
A pioneer of her time, Friedman was a crucial part of the fight to enforce the ban on booze
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