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Ingo Oeser
night owl who loves reading lots of code in lots of languages and enjoys writing stuff in Go the most
night owl who loves reading lots of code in lots of languages and enjoys writing stuff in Go the most

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I wrote a small package which implements atomic operations on types.
This is more comfortable to use and enabled building an atomic boolean type (which has been the motivation) here.

Documentation at
Source code at:
License: BSD-3-Clause (same as the Go project)

NOTES on explicit omissions:
* no support for unsafe.Pointer, because I want it to be useful in appengine (where unsafe is forbidden)
* no support for uintptr to discourage dangerous patterns involving pointers
* no support for SwapXXX, since one usually should use CompareAndSwap instead to make sure the atomic value is in the expected state before changing it
(the go runtime avoids it too, probably for the same reason)

Feedback is very welcome.

#golang #atomic

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"Golang bcc/BPF Function Tracing" from +Brendan Gregg: "[…] In this post I'll quickly investigate a new way to trace a Go program: dynamic tracing with Linux 4.x enhanced BPF. If you search the Internet for Go and BPF, you'll find Go interfaces for using BPF (eg, gobpf). That's not what I'm exploring here: I'm using BPF to instrument a Go program for performance analysis and debugging. […]"

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Everything you needed to know about economics in one simple animated GIF.
Animated Photo

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Ich habe in diesem Semester eine Vorlesung zur Einführung in die Sprachwissenschaft veranstaltet. Die Aufzeichnungen der einzelnen Vorlesungstermine finden sich unter cc-by-sa bei und natürlich auch in meinem Youtube-Kanal: Viel Spaß! Und Feedback ist natürlich immer willkommen.

Hinweis: Das Gespräch mit den Studierenden habe ich nicht aufgezeichnet. Daher ergibt sich die unterschiedliche Länge der einzelnen Folgen.

Die Vorlesung bietet nur einen Überblick, der durch ein Seminar und ein Tutorium ergänzt wird. Diese sind natürlich auch nicht aufgezeichnet worden.

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A new year approaches, and with it a new round of conventions to talk about electronics in cosplay. No matter the allotted time, it’s always a crunch, so anything that fits on a handout for later is a boon.

Just as sewing is a core skill of costuming, soldering is vital to electronics…yet the tools rarely include instructions. There are some excellent tutorials and videos, but I wanted to distill the basics to something one could absorb in 30 seconds. I focused on the two main mistakes novices make: heating the solder instead of the parts, and trying to learn on a discount store iron or granddad’s hand-me-down WWII-era elephant gun.

The new soldering card joins our collection on Github. These are all Creative Commons — download, remix, print and share them for your own classes or reference! PDF format, sized for Overnight Prints’ standard business card template.

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Merlin Schumacher, Pressesprecher des Bundesministeriums für Internetverbot, bedankt sich schon mal vorsorglich beim Landgericht Hamburg (spo) 

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Einst belächelt für seine Rückständigkeit, wird China immer mehr zum Technologievorreiter. Noch 10 bis 20 Jahre und unsere Kinder sowie Kindeskinder werden als billige Arbeitskräfte zum Putzen dorthin auswandern.
China launches first fully automatic subway - fortunately not like the one in Ghostbusters 2. #subway #automated #china #technology
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