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Is there additional complication support in the works? I'd love to be able to define the areas where complications land, and perhaps at least a background color and text font/color for them. Right now it's great that they're available, but they look out of place on any watch I try to add them to :(.

Since AW2.0, I've noticed the "double tap for theater mode" and "triple tap to boost screen brightness" doesn't work on the side button. Is there a setting anyone has found to re-enable these? 

Loving the look and feel of the new update. Lots more relevant info, arranged intuitively and beautifully. My only gripe is that calorie calculations are still absurdly low. Some days when I've been really active it shows my calories out being below my BMR. It makes no sense given how much info the app has. Location, steps, and even heart rate contributed by moto body (and HROS checking every 5 mins during lifting). It's been this way for a while and keeps me from relying on Fit in any meaningful way. 

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Update to my Earth watchface. I'll keep it short, it's mostly just a cosmetic update. I spent enough time on it though that I feel it deserved an update post.

I wanted a nice ghostly light around the moon to make it look all shiny, and I bumped up the size of the moon as well. It obscures the watch a bit when the moon is out, but in practice I don't ever really notice. I used some fun math to make the shiny-stuff on the moon phase in and out so it looked less "static". I also wanted the Sun to "churn" around a little more, motivated by watching too many "How the Universe Works" shows on the Science channel. So I threw in a few more layers for it.

Be sure to do a time warp so you can check both the new Sun and Moon out :).

More description of the technical functions in the original post. Credits below since I know most people won't click through to see them =P

+Rich Torque​​​ for the base design, and +Sean Grondin​​​ for the hands and some bezel code. And +Roberto Rosado​​​ for the sun image and rotation code (borrowed from the Sun and Moon face you published a while back)




Anyone know the name of the executable for Moto Body?  I want to add it as a tap action in a face I use,  but the "Apps on watch" list doesn't seem to load all the apps onboard (only about half).  I've gotten "Weather" working before by manually editing the watch's XML file, but I've also screwed things up pretty badly by doing it wrong before.  so if anyone can post the XML entry for a tap action launching Moto Body, or even just the APK name, that'd be snazzy.

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Updated version of a watch face I shared a little while ago. This is still one of my ever-WIP faces but I thought it was worth sharing some of the coding that went into it. For this version I wanted to throw the sun behind the planet and add some bling. The sun icon changes to moonphase at sunset. The moonphase bit is boring, I haven't figured out much to do with it yet (suggestions welcome). But I wanted to share the stuff I did with the sun.

I wanted the sun images to spin to make it look more alive. To do this I had to get clever with shaders to make the sun look like it's behind the planet because of how the layers fall. Basically the angle of the progress shader counters both the rotation of the sun around the center of the watch, and the rotation of the sun around the center of itself. The net effect is that the cutoff on the image appears stationary as it spins.

Secondly I wanted to get some nice bright lens flare bling at sunrise that faded as the day went on, then got brighter again as sunset arrives. I couldn't find any faces that did quite that effect, so check out the code in opacity if that kind of transition is interesting to you. The effect is dynamic and will adjust as sunrise and sunset get earlier and later. Throw on time machine and check it out!

So that's it. Just a pretty face and some clever tricks to check out if you're into funky corner case coding :p. Dim mode is made to look "less terrible" on low bit mode, but can be easily adjusted to have the bright face be visible in dim mode for you huatch boys. See original post for the chrono/park/bezel stuff.  I've written out enough and don't want to go on rambling here.

Credits to +Rich Torque​​​ for the base design, and +Sean Grondin​​​ for the hands and some bezel code. And to +Roberto Rosado​​​ for the sun image and rotation code (borrowed from the Sun and Moon face you published some months back)


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So Yahoo Weather is definitely broken for me, wondering if anyone else is seeing it. If I switch to Yahoo, it keeps trying to update and sucks my phone battery dry. If I switch from GPS to Manila location, however, it updates right away. If I go back to GPS again, it is again unable to get the update. If I switch to openweathermap it updates instantly using GPS location. Normally I'd just use openweathermap, but Yahoo is far more accurate in my region... Openweathermap constantly tells me it's raining if there are no clouds in the SKY, that kind of thing.

Anyone else seeing this if they try a manual update from Yahoo weather using GPS vs manual location?

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Quick and dirty mashup of two faces I like.  Been a big fan of Material Valley by +JC Dalisay since it came out in July.  Love the parallax type effects and the gorgeous sunset/sunrise transitions.  I've added the weather icon and changed the font, but that's about it.

I also love the snowfall effect on the Christmas face +Tom Hald released this morning.  I felt both the day and night time colors of Material Valley lent themselves well to snow.  Plus I've just loved snowfall on computer screens since the Snow plugin for Compiz a few years back.  So I went ahead and threw the snow from Tom's face onto Material Valley.  I take no credit for any part of this face, but I wanted to share the seasonal love with the community.

Original works:
Material Valley:
Snowfall Christmas:

Dropbox for mashup:

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Here's a little number based on a simple watch face +Rich Torque  put together a while back.  I got a little inspired and put some functions and flair on it.  I wanted some glanceable info on tap, and a bit of function, so I threw in a chrono, date, weather, and battery level (the little bar below weather). And I'm hooked on analog. So, I made it happen. I liked the rotating bezels that have been going around, so I borrowed some bezel rotate code from +Sean Grondin  .  An actual pointy bezel didn't work on the face, so I worked out a clever little disappearing act for the pointer when it's not in use.  And lastly I made a similar disappearing trick for the hands to stand in for the hand-park code I usually do on analog watches since sometimes I like to have the background stand out on its own.  The dim mode isn't great in low bit mode,  but I still like staring at the map.  Should look pretty great on Huatch.

Chrono is at 1:30 to start/stop and 4:30 to reset.  Hands toggle is at 3:00, and bezel indicator is at 6:00. Blue hand is 24h, so set TZ1 to GMT or whatever other time zone you prefer.

The background and bezel image are Rich's.  The hands are, of course, by the illustrious +Terry Zahn  .  The bezel rotate code was borrowed from Sean Grondin.  I got consent from Rich and Sean to share, and Terry seems to be ok with people using his hands =P.

Long time IceCold fan from all the way back to the DesireHD.  I just saw HimaUL got official CM support, and I'm even seeing AICP has support now too!  I'm quite pumped, but without any supporting context as to the state of AICP on M9 I'm hesitant to give my favorite ROM a spin.  Anyone give it a whirl yet?
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