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I must say that I had a TON of fun when playing my first character, a Bounty Hunter tank, to level 50. Yes the combat system was wow, but at least there was no autoattack, and every quest and planet and companion was new (and Blizz the hyperactive jawa was the best companion ever).

Somewhere around level 40 I realized that the whole "ranged tank" thing was pretty much a lie. I had a few ranged attacks but otherwise I had to tank in melee, with a pistol... so much for that.

Then I got to 50 and the pvp was a joke. The system was a joke, the world-pvp planet, everything about it pretty much spelled out failure.

So I leveled a second character (a sith assassin) to 50 and realized that I had to go to the exact same locations for my story quests that the bounty hunter had to do, just there were other people there and the dialog changed. So much for that.

No amount of free to play will get me back to that game, especially not now that I know how insanely fun a more action oriented combat system like GW2 can be.

They should have made KOTOR3.
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