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Turns out the NRA doesn't always hate video games.
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I'm going to bet they will claim it's the blood in the other games that turns people into psychopaths, and if they outlawed guns, they's just use a sword strapped to a black-market .50 cal.

And if a registered gun owner had been there and had played their game, then everyone could have been saved.
Clearly the powers that be at the NRA are without a sense of irony.
+Griffin Cologne They are a flavor of fundamentalist, which is blind to irony. They just get mad that you're laughing.
+Jason Honingford They don't "hate" games, it's just a really lazy excuse for "I DON'T WANT ANY GUN RESTRICTIONS. IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT, IT MUST BE THIS THING I DON'T UNDERSTAND."
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