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Because iPad is established as more of a status symbol.
Looking at that list, there's not much sign of the global financial crisis - at least as reflected in what kids want for Xmas!
+Todd Tabern has it right this has nothing to do with the games and all to do with what looks cool to their friends.
Interesting read!

Totally agree with Todd. The price tag/the fact that kids are greedy/status all definitely play into wanting an iPad more. Plus I can only imagine it's partially an easier sell - in some ways - a WiiU is basically only a video game system while an iPad can be so much more (not that kids will want to use them that way)

However, I'd say this is why more and more consoles need system sellers. Now more than ever there are a plethora of alternatives. Nintendo has long been the king of cultivating these sorts of characters and even new game types/ they may be ok, but the next challenge they'll face is keeping those franchises fresh...

For example: a lot of Zelda games either end up feeling a whole lot like previous games in the franchise or a complete misstep.
I'm gonna wait and see too. I think game companies are driving customers away from console gaming and o phone and tablet gaming. Between the horrible battery life of current gen "portables" and the 3 hrs game pad life, no one can really get into a game wihou having to stop for recharging sessions.

On the other hand, i can play games on my phone all day without recharging. Console games may currently look better, but what difference does it make if you constantly have to stop and recharge? 
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