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Sure new movies are exciting, but what about the new Star Wars video games?
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I'm cautiously optimistic about this news, as while GL didn't make a terribly good prequel trilogy, Disney have a solid history of making good films.

What worries me is the concept of Episode 7 and Timelines. Timothy Zahn's "Heir to the Empire" trilogy of official Star Wars Novels, set after the events of Return of the Jedi, is a very popular series of books and many Star Wars fans consider this story ark (along with the the Stackpole/Allston Rogue Squadron series, and other earlier novels) to be Star Wars canon, and any interference with this storyline would be sad :(
KOTOR is the best thing out of the whole Star Wars franchise. Old trilogy included. 
Have you read any of the expanded universe stuff? While some bits and pieces are cool, a lot of it is actually quite silly:

In a (out of sequence, highly condensed) nutshell, Luke goes to the old jedi temple on Yavin and starts training Jedi again, (before this the emperor's clone came back to life and recruited luke to be his new dark apprentice, and he fell and leia had to rescue him and became a jedi, and then they killed the clone but then he came back and had these giant machines that would eat planets and poop out spaceships and stuff, and then luke defeated him again and killed all the clones, and then had a fuller understanding of the dark side and what his father went through) and some of them go dark and he kills them (this repeats like five times), and he gets married to Mara Jade who is this hot girl with red hair who was a dark jedi that was the Emperor's Secret apprentice and was intended to replace Vader, but he turned her (before he turns her she is "force programmed" to kill him) and they had kids, and then she died (Han Solo's son killed her), and Luke was training his kids and Han and Leia's kids (Jaina, Jacen Solo are the twins, and Anakin Solo) and his son Ben, and Chewbacca died when the bad guys dropped a moon on him, and then Jacen became Darth Caedus and started a civil war and Jaina had to kill him, and the empire kept trying to come back and failing thanks to the old gang (this blue alien with red eyes named Grand Admiral Thrawn--whose real name is Mltth'raw'nuruodo--almost overthrew everyone until his dark jedi assistant, Jorus C'baoth went crazy and cloned Luke from the hand he lost in the Empire strikes back (the clone was called Luuke and Mara Jake killed him to fulfill her force programming) and luke and leia killed them all and stopped Grand Admiral Thrawn who was later cloned I think, and killed), and then there were some giant superweapons built, like a laser from the deathstar that was just the laser part called the Dark Saber that looked like a giant light saber in space, and the Sun Crusher that was a small ship that would destroy suns, and then there was a giant invasion of aliens that were immune to the force called the Yuuzhan Vong that used like plant technology and they almost killed everyone, but then young Anakin Solo who was a jedi became a hero (just like anakin skywalker in the clone wars) and then he gave his life to stop the threat, but Luke was banished and wandered the unexplored areas with his son Ben, and then 200 years later the sith empire came back and took over, and it was up to Cade Skywalker, the descendant of the skywalkers who was simultaneously a fallen jedi, bounty hunter, and smuggler (he'd take death sticks which is like heroin in order to numb himself to the force because he thought it sucked) who teetered between dark jedi and good jedi before he finally defeated the sith emperor and bought peace between the Empire Remnant (which has it's own imperial jedi that use gray lightsabers) and the new republic.
What little I know from the extended universe staff is that Luke actually falls back to the Dark Side, which sucks and pretty much unmakes the whole storyarc of the first trilogy. And Han and Leia have a kid which falls to the dark side and they must kill it. Pretty frakking cheesy.
The Novels go off the rails after a while. The earlier ones are good. I tend not to acknowledge the existence of the later stuff, where they just lost the plot.
'Chewbacca died protecting them from an assassin' - chewie is killed when they drop a moon on him. A F%^$ing Moon.
What this means is all the video games that have been produced up to now are obsolete, as their storylines aren't compatible with the Sequel Trilogy. <sounds of weeping in background>
I've edited my summary to correct the mistake about Chewie dying when they dropped a moon on him.
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