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One of the most insane press conferences I've ever seen.
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Might have a point though ... I hear that Canada, Japan, UK, and the rest of the civilized world don't have video games and movies! That must be what's keeping them safer, and not the fact they have stronger gun laws.
But are guns the cause?  Or is it the insane people that use them?  You don't need a gun to kill a lot of people.  The worst school killing in history was a bombing.  There is a rash of knifing and hammering attacks in China.  There is so much knife violence in UK that they have such a thing as knife control now.  If someone wants to hurt people, that nut will find a way.

I would rather do something EFFECTIVE rather than just doing something based on emotions.  Would rather spend money on providing help to mentally unstable people, which would save a lot more lives.  But who's talking about that?
Putting armed guards in schools makes sense, but the rest of what he said was nonsense and not based on science.
In other news: Scientists are baffled by Canadians' ability to watch movies and play video games and not shoot each other.
The knifing spree in China killed no one, bit of a straw man, don't you think?

On the other hand, the guns used in Sandy Hook were legally owned. An AR-15 is not and should not be a civilian weapon, period. Yes, the root of the problem at Sandy Hook was a woman thought teaching her mentally unstable child respect involved teaching him how to use guns and giving him access to them.

I hope she understood how bad her judgement was as she died.

Now, were there assault weapons ban, she would not have legally owned an AR-15, meaning his choice of weapons would have been limited to hunting rifles, hand guns and shotguns. All deadly and dangerous, and clearly the issue here was his mother being pretty stupid, but with more frequent reloads, slower rate of fire and less accuracy, the death toll would have been much lower.

People in general should have more limited access. If the access had been limited, maybe his mother would not have had the arsenal that she did. Maybe if we had better health care, especially mental health, she would have understood how bad an idea it would be to teach her son to use guns to learn respect, instead of say, sweeping the garage.

Complaining about doing something "effective" gets tossed around every time we have a shooting, followed by doing nothing. Pass the laws, then fight them. Then it becomes a regular discussion, not just a bunch of knee-jerk posturing on both sides.

Literally everyone talks about the mental health thing, every time. "We don't talk about it." gets tossed out as an argument, when it's false. Listen to the reports, listen to the press releases from the government. ALL of them mention mental health as well.
I do not want our countries children to be raised with the idea that they need guns surrounding them to be safe. Armed guards at school is not a reasonable answer. Neither is blaming video games or the media. 
I think the knifing attack is a good point, but for opposite reasons. Yeah, a crazy guy can get his hands on a weapon no matter where he is. But in that case, it ended with 20 live children, not 20 dead ones because the weapon didn't have as much killing potential. 
To me, it just looks obvious that this NRA head may look out of touch if not stupid and yes, crazy but it's all worth it.  II should say this NRA is but one of the tools of some to grab more power, more control and  they are not even ashamed anymore to use their money to gain power.  Look at Duke Energy terrorizing a small Florida county into bankruptcy by only paying some 30% of their tax due and did you even notice their insane spending in the last election?
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