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Forbes' (and mine) top games of the year lists!
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Aside from a frightening lack of FTL, I can pretty much agree with all of those.
DIII might be pushing it since it was an enormous disappointment.
And finally, multiplayer aside, I would opine that Spec Ops: The Line was a far better experience than BLOPS2.
I didn't get to play Spec Ops, X-COM, FTL or Journey. So insert them where you will.
Ah, fair enough. I highly recommend all four, with extra emphasis on FTL and Spec Ops.
I would agree if this were Top Single Player Storymode Games. I'm surprised GW2 isn't on the list.
Oh, I actually forgot about it. But I'm just not an MMO guy. I can respect what it did for the genre, but I couldn't say I enjoyed it more than any of these. That's why this is personal preference.
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