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I never understood the COD craze. Battlefield always was just as cinematic, but never scripted (and especially since Bad Company 2 and now BF3 it's like an interactive action movie all the time).
Silly console gamers... (Ducks and runs)

You'd think they would get that interactivity is key to fun in video games. Otherwise it's just a CGI movie with variable scenes. I'm glad you mentioned Portal 2. The story is so engaging my 6 year old daughter and I play it together so she can help me figure out the puzzles AND enjoy the unfolding story.

Of course Valve all but created the Story driven FPS, so no surprises there.
"Silly console gamers"? Everything Paul mentioned, plus Mass Effect, Dragon Age, etc. is out for consoles, some even exclusively (Uncharted series).

Oh and +David Dietle I'm sorry but System Shock created Story driven FPSs 4 year before Halflife.
I know, consoles drive the industry. I just love getting people riled up over it, though. ;)

Damn it! I knew someone would correct me, because of course they weren't the first. I just could not remember what beat them to it.

Silly "correct person"...
I hate console fanboys as much as I hate pc-fanboys, or book fanboys, or anime haters, or comic haters, or, ...

The important thing is the story, the experience, what the hell does the medium have to do with that? Nothing.
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