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The "White Knight" defense is actually taught as a pickup technique. You have your wing man go up to some hot chick and act like an ass, then the main guy swoops in, tells his buddy off, maybe throws in a fake punch, then offers to by the girl a drink to try to make up for men everywhere.... that is why isn't seen as disingenuous by women.
Also, I don't like the implication that women don't like blood and guts games. Diablo 2 was one of my favorite games, as is Fallout where I love to headshot the crap out of people. I like to play evil jerk characters where the option is available.

The games that people market to female gamers are things like Farmville, The Sims, and Angry Birds. Maybe if you stopped trying to classify female gamers and their likes and dislikes based on your stereotypes of females in general, then you would have better luck.
+Jess Nut I've had many women tell me that they think all war-based shoot 'em up games are clearly not aimed at them and they're tired of it. Obviously, it's not always true, but it's a common complaint I didn't invent.
Oh I know plenty of women who don't like war games, but I also know plenty of guys who can't get enough of Framville either. They shouldn't be marketing games to women or men, they should be marketing games to gamers who like those games. When I played WoW, all the guys I knew played female characters because they liked the way they looked. I like to play odd looking characters, so I was playing dwarves, and orcs, and worgen because that's what I like. Sure I'm not the average women, but I am the average gamer who happens to also be female. I prefer that my gender isn't assumed by other people to be a factor in what I like, instead listen to what I say (what I buy) and don't assume you know me because I have a particular set of genitalia.
+Jess Nut Yeah, unfortunately this is just how marketing works, across any industry. You can't just make something for "all gamers," you have to try to appeal to specific demos you deem the most profitable or reachable. 
I didn't say all gamers, I said all gamers who like shooters, or simulations, or RPGs. Why does my gender have to be part of my demographic.
+Paul Tassi Sure, segmentation is a big part of marketing but that doesn't mean gender has to play a prominent role. Other differentiators could/should be used whenever possible. A fondness for a particular genre of game is certainly a differentiator.
Because generalization is easier than more in-depth research.
Well using generalizations is a really poor way to combat misogyny.
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