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It's really interesting to watch the race for exclusive rights and the bigger bolder platform for online TV viewing. Amazon's put up a fight but their UI and catalog are not impressive. Netflix's efforts to own name brand cancelled shows and create their own programs keeps them in the lead but they fall short with the recently-aired market Hulu captures. If Showtime and Cinemax follow HBO's lead, will Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Cracked and others have to team up with them to stay relevant?
Don't under estimate the potential for some sort of legal challenge or law change if these moves end up being viewed as anti competitive. 

I think the more likely outcome is a major disruption of how media works though. 

The next decade is going to be very interesting in this area.
And then watch as consumers effortlessly pirate that content now that it's not conveniently available.

It's like they've learned nothing at all from the music industry.
+Trent Isaacson Agreed, the fact that the analog world exists seems to completely escape them as does the fact that MP3's are considered more than acceptable by the vast majority of people in spite of the fact that they are not that great from a quality perspective.
Haha. Best thing I saw today about this was a tweet. "HBO inks a deal to keep content off Netflix, securing its spot on BitTorrent."
Hopefully this means we'll finally see a HBO Go PS3 app.
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