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Oh boy, I got political. Bracing for impact.
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Good article but this is the first time I've heard about this myth. I'm a baby boomer myself and there is a constant stream of twenty-somethings  through our house. I've never met someone who wasn't engaged. 
Being none of the groups named in the article, my assumption is that it turned out so heavily in that direction because the other candidate went out of his way to piss them off individually and as a whole.
Blame goes to the Republicans for having such an exclusive and narrow vision of America. The USA is a rich diversity, not monotone. The youth vote represents this so clearly. Bravo to them as they fully understand the hard work and challenges facing the President, the nation and especially their generation!
Blame or thanks? Seems to me they have just done this country a great service by mobilizing and unifying the youth in a politically sane direction. My only real worry is that when a party full of strategists like the republicans blows voters so badly to their opponent  you've got to ask yourself what their long game is here. Nobody in politics at a national level does something this stupid by accident and everything's a smokescreen, especially the smokescreens.

Personally, I'm a fan of Ike's policies.
+Paul Jewkes this is classic regressive behavior. Emotional immaturity relies on shaming and blaming. The brain's limbic system becomes more reactive and anxious. It gets people going in a downward spiral.
I was being sarcastic. You are the one that blamed someone...
"Blame goes to the Republicans"
Well +Paul Jewkes in reading this very well written article, the author used the word "blame" perhaps this was missed, but then sarcasm fits.
"they mistake freedom of religion as the freedom to impose their religion on others" - very true
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