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Why is the WiiU not selling great?
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#5 is pretty much the main reason. The others, not so much.
Really? It's only the price? I think it's a combination.
3 and 4 for me. Haven't touched the Wii in a long time. Good games were hard to find and slow coming for the Wii and I didn't expect the WiiU to be different.
I think the main reasons are #3 and 4.  The price point is actually pretty reasonable, especially when you start taking inflation into account.  There just isn't enough content for the system yet and they didn't get the hype train rolling like they did for the Wii.  Seriously though, there needs to be a #7:  marketing.  They really haven't been advertising the system very effectively at all.
Its not selling great because N-Do hasnt grown up with the users they cultured as children. They're relying on Mario. Maybe they shouldve made a kid system strong enough to really appease adults. Then have it launch with some special call of duty and mass effect and some special zelda and wii u fit 2 and sonic and streetfighter! Just being a kid gaming system may not be good enough anymore.
Its not selling well because its a pretty horrid system. The graphics are great no issue there...its the controller...the idea is dumb quite frankly and the idea that you watch the pad screen more than the main screen on a lot of the games (at least the ones I played) was equally lame....

Nintendo missed the shot on this...maybe next time.
Pretty much every point is dead on.

1. There is no gimmick to draw people in with the Wii U. They just put a touch screen on a controller.

2. The everyday person has heard of the Wii. The Wii U has some branding issues needing to differentiate itself for the non gamers.

3. The same people that got hooked on the Wii probably won't get a Wii U. Why? Because they didn't even know the Wii U was coming up. They didn't become gamers. It became a 'oh the grand kids are coming over here is something to keep them busy"

4. I say this as the owner of a Vita (a system that gets some of the same criticism), the games are probably there. The thing is they aren't the big names and the 3rd party support is lacking again.

5. The price is not that bad but people still have to feel a need ot drop the money for it which ties into other points and marketing.

6. Just be honest, spec wise even the PS3 and 360 are better than the Wii U in a lot of people's eyes. If these things matter to a buyer then I see them holding off. Outside of their major franchises, Nintendo doesn't really draw people in.
We're all smarter than N-Do is and I say Let us run the company! Dayum screen on the controller! LOL!
I honestly think it is a combination of marketing and a lack luster launch.  Marketing wise outside of your sweaty basement dwelling high school gamer most people didn't even know about it at all until it launched and the main audience of the Wii was non gamers you know those people with lives that don't troll the internet for game information so unless you tell those people they have no idea. .  The launch however had enough issues to annoy people like the slow menu system that it didn't drive hype (gamer marketing) up.

I have no fear that those issues will get fixed over time and it will go on to sell very well in the next few years.
and a side note please no one make the same tired argument about nintendo only making kid games or mario games. 

Every major company just releases their new version of their series.  If you want new original games you are wasting your time on consoles get a PC and look at the indie movement there.

Oh and yes nintendo makes games for kids but there is a reason for are for kids.  your not a big cool adult if you are playing a FPS or GTA your an adult enjoying a kids past time.  Really want to be an adult go read a book or mow your lawn or I don't know play with your kids so they don't just play video games all the time.

sorry minor rant there the broken record that is the "gamer" gets old
Why are you posting and reading about games if you think games are for kids?

And I sure as hell wouldn't let a kid play half the games I do, they are certainly made for adults.

I bet you think cartoons are for kids and thing people who watch Anime are just enjoying kids past times... well you should watch some of those Animes and see if they are something you think a kid should be watching.

How about professional football? Sports are for kids, are they just playing at a kid's past time?
+William Trevino I was kind of sort of with you until the third paragraph.  Gaming as a medium is for all ages, not just kids.  I would say the same thing about many Nintendo games.  They can appeal to both kids and adults.
+Jess Nut +Brian Allen   I think you miss understand I am not saying just because something is designed for  kids doesn't mean you can't enjoy it or shouldn't enjoy it however I am saying that the argument that one game company makes "kid" games is kind of stupid since games are pretty much just toys and at their roots are designed for the simplest

Jess.... please violent games (which I assume is what you wouldn't let a kid play) are completely made for kids. About the only games I see as not designed for kids would be slow paced turned based strategy games or perhaps mystery games that choose to have a reading level higher than most kids.  The only real difference between "lego city undercover" (rated E for kid game) and "GTA" (rated M for adult game) is less hookers and a brighter color palette.
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