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January was a bad month for the Wii U. Can things get better?
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Consoles usually have crap for games for the first year they are out.  I remember the PS2 was a great way to play DVDs and PS1 games for the first year and that s about it :)

I think what nintendo has really failed to do with the Wii U is hype and market it. 

I am very happy that new console are coming out we are WAY over due and it should make developers stepup their game on graphics (even on the Wii U) and maybe hopefully use my graphics card a tiny bit more :)
I think you're answering your own questions:

What was the point of rushing the console to market without the games to back it up?

Additionally, it’s slowly coming to light that the Wii U will likely just not be powerful enough to properly run true next-gen titles down the road.

Nintendo rushed the Wii U to market because they wanted it on shelves before the next generation of Xbox and Playstation were out there.

I think they banked on their reputation to sell the thing.

Honestly I took ~some~ solace from yesterday's Nintendo Direct but, yeah, their window of opportunity is closing rapidly. At least next month we have Monster Hunter and Lego Underground (??) to look forward to. 

EDIT: Also, I think the tablet controller drives the price too high and ultimately starts feeling like a gimmick, aside from it's "off tv" functionality. I actually find having to shift my focus from tablet to TV and back again becomes a little irritating after a while. Maybe that's just me, though.
It's the gimmick that hurts it in the end. A developer has to approach a game differently than a conventional system, and until WiiU proves that it's relevant there's no imperative for them to spend their time.

With Wii it was different; it became popular early due to its low price point and its gimmick and devs had to follow suit.

I remain quite pessimistic towards WiiU.
I hate the constant use of the work gimmick.  The second you say gimmick you sound like a fanboy that only posted to bash something.

The fact is at this point in video game console history the controller is really the only thing that can change gameplay from one generation to the next.  Sure the game will look prettier but hardware isn't fast enough or cheap enough to have consoles that can do something truly different  in software alone.

I own a Wii U and know i will end this generation with a dozen or two nintendo Wii U games so I don't see how they need to prove they are relevant... The are always relevant since they only make their games on their system and they make great games.  I am more in the waiting state for the PS4 and Xbox 3 (or whatever they call it) .  I will end up with at least one of them I'm sure but just like this generation I am afraid they will be too close to really justify having both. (I have an xbox360)
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