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Games journalism has been purchased by the industry long, long ago. They work together to sell games (Game Informer anyone?). The only truly honest opinions you read about games are from the folks that don't work in the industry.
I haven't bought a gaming magazine in years now, all my purchases are either gambles, or based of friends reviews.

Demo versions of games is now a rarity and when it does happen, it's often too short to get a good impression or in some cases completely unrelated to the majority of the game.

That said, I never said that the reviewers were bought and sold, I assumed it was just their opinion about a game and I didn't happen to agree with them

Either way, most journalists are under attack these days for being sensationalist and heavily biased, it's not surprising that reviewers are being probed too
I miss the older days of gaming journalism (hang on, lemme get my rose tinted glasses.)  It seems like the magazines used to be a lot more reliable when it came to game pre/reviews.  When it was exceedingly rare for a game to get a 10, and it meant that it was going to be a forever classic that you'd cherish to the grave. 7-9's were above average stellar games, 4-6 a guilty pleasure or niche title, and your 0-3's for the real trash.  It's almost upsetting that an 8/10 is considered an insult to a game (especially with previews, which the complaining fanboys have never played!)
+Mat Jones I think the reviews of old were a lot more objective, as there weren't as many fanboys for specific games, heck the genres hadn't really fully developed to the level they are at now, if you said to a Skyrim/Oblivion fan 'hey you like rpg's, this final fantasy is right up your street you could be quite mistaken.

I did see one review where in the body text he said something like "if you're a fan of the genre you'll love it, otherwise steer clear" at the end in a big box "9/10" Obviously assuming that I'm a fan of whatever genre it is.

Previews now are really a joke, most of it is based off Alpha builds, which means the whole thing can change completely, pretty sure they used to wait for Beta's back in the day...

Anyhoo, my solution, find people you like gaming with and go with what they say :)
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