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Usually guys don't want to be a woman, or deal with woman drama in a video game. It's more of a game style preference. It seems rich story is becoming popular in video games though, so maybe that's the right marketing.
+Jason Honingford that may be true in a shooter where you rarely pick gender but not in MMO land. The largest percentage of "female" characters or avatars running around are actually male players. I find the trend sort of creepy but I guess one of the fun aspects of a game is playing the way you want.
Props to the Naughty Dog folks for making a cover that best describes their game. It should be that simple, right?

If I bought a game and the cover art was a poor reflection on the game I'd be disappointed. That being said comic books have misrepresented their content for years, so it's nothing new.
I play females most of the time in fighting games, because they usually tend to be the fast/mobile types.

In MMOs I always feel like the female character models just tend to look better. I've always thought that developers spend more time making the female models looking beautiful and then just figure dudes don't care what their dude model looks like.

Although I did hate that my female blood elf's chest plates always turned into halter tops whenever she put one on. :/
All my MMO characters have been women. Not a big deal which gender gets the lead role.
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