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Meanwhile, scientists are still baffled by canadians ability to watch movies and play videogames and not shoot each other. 
Kind of a damned if you do - damned if you don't situation.

What do you think would have happened if word had gotten out that the nice guys from the NRA had a nice meeting with Biden, discussed the problem and assured him that it really wasn't their fault, while at the same time those arrogant sons of bitches from the game industry refused any talks...!?
It's interesting that the second amendment seems so much more important to so many than the first. I don't think they created them in that order on accident.
It's kinda sad how this discussion is now flaming in america when politicians finally stopped blaming video games for killing sprees in german like 5 years ago.
As a country, America has a hard time learning from other countries. It's like we exist on a different planet or something.
The sad truth is that the gaming lobby makes a much easier target than the gun lobby. 
No shit, they don't carry guns. ;)
Video games is obviously the problem. If you look at other countries where video games are available you will see exactly the same......oh.
The majority of gun deaths are suicides, and the vast majority of the remaining gun deaths, the so-called "gun violence epidemic" (the epidemic.. it doesn't exist, violent crime is down drastically across the board, just more media attention for ratings, politics of fear, manipulating the sheeple) are directly related to the failed war on drugs and the black market / money involved.

End the war on drugs, collapse the black market that motivates the vast majority of "gun violence", and help balance the budget, solving the fiscal "crisis" we're supposedly in ..

But, that wouldn't fit any of the agendas in DC. That would give The People more freedom , and no matter how many real world benefits we'd see, we just can't have more freedom now can we.

Let's scapegoat weapons and owners, that by any measure are law abiding and sane, video games, movies, gays (you know that's what "values" is a code word for right) rather than do anything that would truly help. Lets add more security theater, blindly surrender more rights.. that won't solve anything.

Supposedly, "they" hate us for our freedoms. Do they hate us less yet????

Over ten years now of our government and the media force feeding fear and manipulation to the sheeple. Every week some new "epidemic" or "crisis" used to manipulate people into giving away more freedom, more money, more time. I think future generations will look back at how cowardly we are today, scared of our own shadows, jumping from one imagined crisis to another, and be ashamed of us.

The old rule still applies: next one to go on a killing spree, please first paint your room pink and buy a shitload of Teletubbies and Spongebob videos.
Ban the games, ban the TV shows, ban the movies, ban the music. But keep the instrument of death within easy reach. Might as well start teaching everyone about God, because religion never led to anyone getting hurt, either. The Crusades were caused by knights playing Doom.

Perhaps I was suggesting that the same people who most often blame the media are perfectly fine with a violent book and the possession of machines that only exist to kill, they just don't care for things they don't understand and would look to legislate them despite doing so would violate the very first rule of our government outline.
This has been going on forever.  First it was the dime-novels, then movies, then TV, Comic Books, etc.  Logic and reason, meet politics.  Never the twain shall meet.
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