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Figured this was coming, but it's all been done before. Should we not sell violent games to kids? No, we shouldn't, and we don't. Parents buy them despite the ratings.
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Let them do an intensive, deep, government funded study. And when it repeats the same findings as the others, maybe someone somewhere will finally shut up about it.
What about violent movies, TV shows and the nightly news? I personally think that there needs to be a study done on the link between aggression/depression and political campaign ads. When you're told several times a day for 1 year every 4 that voting for xyz candidate will result in unemployment, starvation and death, it has to have some effect. 
+Chris McDonald if I remember correctly it initially states media in general and then video games are brought up.
why do we have to do this every time something happens.  Why can't we just admit that in the US we work to much and care about only ourselves and that we don't spend more time teaching our children right from wrong.

Attention baby boomers: guns, video games, sodas, and the internet aren't the problem.  Your poor parenting skill are the problem and you pushed it on your kids and they pushed it on.    How about we just admit this and start trying to fix it slowly over time instead of making a quick blame and hoping for a quick solution.
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