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I don't think $300 is crazy, but it's different than Nintendo's usual.
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This is where Nintendo might be Genius...when it was released the Wii was facing competition of the higher priced (but year old) XBox 360 and the MUCH higher priced (but also new) PS3. Then Nintendo came out at a (comparatively) amazingly low 200 and RAKED. This time around Nintendo is the only game in town if you want the "New Hotness" so $300 - imo - is totally reasonable...because, just you watch, next year when new Playstations and Xboxes are released Nintendo will be able to reduce their price to $200. Genius.

As lukewarm as I am on the WiiU, I think pricing wise they're in a good spot, so I respectfully disagree with the Ubisoft CEO.
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