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I just saw a poll of those who use cases or not..i wonder what has happened over time. For this poll i ask you are not just a new smartphone user.

Those of us that have kept our phones naked (no case and no screen protection). What happened over 2+ years?

If you have a case then it doesn't matter:)
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I dropped it - now use cases
I dropped it - srill dont use case
Never dropped it

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The more things change, the more they stay the same...

(P.S. - No, obviously this is not an actual laptop. More likely, by the looks of it, she is showing the woman an open book. This is obviously a cousin of pareidolia, imagining a familiar object or pattern where none exists, e.g. seeing a dog in a cloud formation. Or... possibly... it's a traveling companion of The Doctor. Whichever you prefer.)

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Update your macs

These exploits are nearly impossible to detect because security software doesn't scan the firmware and reinstalling the system doesn't remove the problem.

The latest OS X security update (10.10.4) seems to keep the exploit from taking hold.

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Hey guys is it normal that after the 5.1 upload( my moto x 2013 is from at&t) every time I turn it on it always optimize the apps... someone has the same problem?  thanks 

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Keep an eye out for your free copy of "Night of the Museum" and discounts on the sequels.

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My new screen:)

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