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Getting Things GNOME!, the task manager for GNOME
Getting Things GNOME!, the task manager for GNOME

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Hi all, GTG will not be a part of this OPW as none of our mentors will be able participate due to prior commitments.

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Baptiste, the original author of GTG GNOME shell extension, starts his PhD and doesn't have much time to maintain and port his extension to the new version of GNOME.

Do you have experience developing GNOME extensions or do you want to try it out? Are desprate for JavaScript and CSS work?

Let us know!

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"Back Again" release is finally here!!!

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+Lionel Dricot implemented a very simple but powerful button Do it tomorrow which set the start date of the task to tomorrow and it is hidden from WorkView because Not today!

Soon in GTG Daily PPA.

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Haven't been touched for a while plugin by +Tom Kadwill was today merged into GTG. The plugin adds a tag @untouched to all tasks you didn't work with for a longer time. Tom, thank you for your contribution!

If you use GTG Daily PPA, the plugin is in the repository. You can enable it at Edit -> Plugins. We are interested in your feedback!

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GTG has had its page for a longer time. Now we have our community as well. Which would be better for communication?

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Did you know that GTG is currently the only software using Liblarch? Maybe it could be useful for your software too!
Announcing Liblarch 2.1.0

I'm happy to announce the release of liblarch 2.1.0, a python library designed to handle and display complex tree structures.

It might be of interest of all people dealing with python and GTK as we have a GTK component allowing you to display your tree in a GTK TreeView widget.

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Want to see the very first real-life task ever entered into a GTG? It was about eating french fries…
In order to celebrate the release of +GTG 0.3, let me show you an historical thing.

This is a screenshot of the closed tasks in my actual GTG, the GTG I use every day. You can spot the very first tasks ever entered in a GTG. Those are all GTG related.

The very first task not GTG related was "manger des frites" (eating french fries) but it might have been a joke or a test.

The second task not related to GTG is a very serious one.  You can spot it in yellow (color of my "@blog" tag) and is about posting how Home is Desktop is a good idea. The post can still be read here :

It's incredible how going through your completed tasks is a bit like time-travelling. It's part of the history. 

I'm glad that GTG doesn't remove tasks and allows you to have a glance on what was your life then :-)

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After about 9 months of very active development, the GTG team is proud to announce the release of Getting Things GNOME! 0.3!

This version is packed with an amazing amount of bug fixes and many novelties! The goal with 0.3 was to get GTG back on its feet after more than a year of working on the internal plumbing. We also fixed many bugs in the process. We can now say that this goal has been reached, and then some!

You'll find more information about this release on:!
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