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Felipe Bazon
SEO, Blogger and Social Media enthusiast. Passionate about soccer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
SEO, Blogger and Social Media enthusiast. Passionate about soccer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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A gravação do meu primeira webinar para o +SEMrush já está no ar. Quem perdeu e ainda estiver interessado, pode assistir.

#SEO   #redessociais   #smo   #smm   #socialmediamarketing  #seobrasil

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My first ever webinar and it is for +SEMrush. Nervous but confident. Hope it is the first of many.

#SEO #SocialMediaMarketing

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Quais as previsões para o mercado automotivo em 2015?

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Xtremelly handy tool for keyword researhc, hard to find one with some suggestion in portuguese. #seoBrasil  

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How many have you read?

#seo   #SEM   #socialmediamarkerting  

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Nice selection of articles +Larry Kim , specially now that Social passed Search in referral traffic for the second time this year. 
Great content should be recognized, which is why I’m bringing you 21 of the most popular, highest-value social media articles of the year! 

A few links to start...

1)   5 Social Media Hacks Every Marketer Should by +Garett Sloane, +Adweek: Know: 

2)   Tip: Turn Your Company's Email Into A Content Library by +Jason Keath+Social Fresh 

3)   How to Easily Double Your Traffic from Social Media by +kissmetrics 

Enjoy the rest here: 


Additional articles by: +RELEVANT +Inc. +Mark Cuban +Social Media Examiner +Debbie Hemley +Search Engine Watch +Uri Bar-Joseph +Unbounce +Stefanie Grieser +HubSpot +Diane Urban +Social Media Today +Kevin Lee +Mashable +Megan Ranney +Entrepreneur +Firas Kittaneh and more...

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It is not everyday that you get past +Wikipedia in #Google 's organic search rankings and when you do, you best gob about it. Don´t forget to document it too. lol

#SEO   #SEOBRASIL   #onpageoptimization  

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Infográfico compara os principais sistemas operacionais para#smartphone ( #ios8    #android   #windowsphone  ) e o mais legal é que tudo foi feito no estilo #StarWars , muito top, muito #geek  

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I can see Google increasing the weight on HTTPS signals!   #seo    #rankingfactors  
According to the HTTP Archive, HTTPS adoption for the top 300K sites has grown by 300%+ over the last two years [1], from 4% to 13%. However, it's important to keep in mind that HTTP Archive is counting unique origins, which does not account for the popularity of any particular site - e.g. a single origin, like or may be responsible for many more user navigations as compared to a site that you may visit infrequently. 

Looking at the number of actual navigations shows that, in Chrome, the number of HTTPS navigations [2] has grown from ~27% to ~58% within the same period of last two years - i.e. more than half of user navigations are over HTTPS!

The goal is, of course, to get to 100% - aka, HTTPS everywhere - and we still have a lot of work to do as an industry to make this a reality, but we’re making good progress! 

[1] - 2012-2014 stats.

[2] HTTPS navigation: any navigation (link clicks, omnibox navigations, back/forward, fragment changes, pushState) where the destination scheme of the main frame is “https”.
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