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Google+ Photo Book is now online
url :
After releaseing My Google+ Book now im releasine this new feature which convert all your photos in +Google+ into a flipping book or magazine.
Note: * These are only *Public photos.

1- Copy the your google+ profile id for ex : 103618862132298404107
2- Paste it in the box where it says Enter G+ Profile id here
3- Click in generate
4- now Flip the Book to see your images from the top right corner or the bottom right corner where it says Drag

Waiting for your feedback guys
Dont Forget Sharing is Caring

note for developer : this is built using turn.js and picassa web album api
Google+ Photos Book
Google+ Photos Book
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Updated showing images / videos
Book My Plus Beta Released

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Convert Your Public Google+ Stream into a Book in a really great User Interface with a lovely design .

Why i code it ? ----> Just For Fun

How Do You Use it
1- Copy your profile id for ex. my g+ profile is
and my profile id is 103618862132298404107 copy paste the number there
2-click generate

Upcoming Feature
1- Create your own custom G+ Book with custom url *[your google+ id]
2- Save to PDF
3- Show Videos / Images inside posts
4- Disable Showing Re-shares and Hangout by user choice.

Technology Used
1- Google+ Javascrip Api By +Robert Pitt
2- jQuery
3- jQuery Booklet

love To hear your feedback
+Mohammad Eshbeata
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The Coder had a hangout named coding website in 15 min. {url}Enzo Amata and Michael Redford
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The Coder had a hangout named coding tutorial 1. {url}Mohamed Amine Korteby and Hermine Ngnomire
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soon ill do a hangout for coding tutorial
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Hello Everyone this is TheCoder !
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