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Joshua Fisher: You Have Been PLUS BOMBED!

Dear +Joshua Fisher congratulations! You have been the unwitting first benefactor of the efforts of a special underground, not-so-underground Community here on Google+, the PLUS BOMBERS (https://plus.google.com/communities/115264326727742493501)

The Plus Bombers are a group of people dedicated to finding a G+ user who is posting Really Great Stuff but not getting the following or recognition he or she deserves. We organize a campaign around a great post by that person, and at the appointed time we do everything we can to spread that post and encourage people to follow our "victim."

We're still relatively small (108 members), so we didn't exactly take you to What's Hot, but I think we did pretty well. According to the Ripples for your Volvo Auto Show photo album, it was shared by 50 people since yesterday. It got 11 comments and 22 +1's on the original post. And you gained about 100 new followers.

We hope you enjoyed your moment of mini-G+-fame, and we hope that many of your new friends will continue to enjoy your beautiful photos. I know I will!

Anyone is welcome to join Plus Bombers. Use the link above. Just please read the few simple rules in the About section of the sidebar.

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