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This year’s Presidential election is no joke. @HelloVote is jumping into the fray to activate underrepresented constituents, helping them get registered to vote -- with the ease of a simple SMS text or Facebook Messenger.
When my son was six years old, I took him into the voting booth with me, so he could experience what I consider the sacred duty of each American citizen: casting a vote on Election Day.This year’s Presidential election is no joke. It is not a time to sit it out, even with the high level of disgust around the low-level circus that has been transpiring. It’s also essential to acknowledge the consequences of down-ballot races, particularly in respon...

Marcia G. Yerman

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Marcia G. Yerman

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"It's easy to look at history, whether recent or in previous centuries, to question a lack of action on the part of individuals and nations. It's more difficult to want to see things in the present."
In high school, my tenth grade Social Studies teacher screened the movie High Noon

Marcia G. Yerman

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Unmarried women have the power to decide the election. This includes singles, women who are separated, divorced, or widowed. They must register to vote and get to the polls!
The conventions are over. Both parties’ tickets are chosen. Pollsters will now be working furiously to parse the numbers on how the electorate is shaping up. Specifically under the microscope will be women.

Marcia G. Yerman

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Coverage of climate disruption is getting short shrift on network news, according to a recent study conducted by +Media Matters for America
Specifically examined were the nightly evening network news and the Sunday broadcasts. “Who is an independent player and who is part of the fossil fuel apparatus?”
All In With Chris Hayes (MSNBC) recently hosted a series looking at how climate change is impacting Americans from Alaska to Florida. Hayes has consistently been on the cutting-edge of bringing environmental stories to his audience. When I tuned in to catch the interview with...

Marcia G. Yerman

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Hillary Clinton and the F-Word: A look at the Hillary candidacy in context of a She Knows Media survey on Feminism. +Elisa Camahort Page weighs in on the findings about intersectionality and the Female Tax.
Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee. Moving forward, whatever happens during the ensuing general election, the fact that she is a woman will be an inextricable part of the narrative.

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Join Bernie & add your name to support the Public Option. It was always a good idea!

Marcia G. Yerman

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In a decade where social good has teamed up with social media, a new digital platform, Cool Effect, has launched with a goal to connect individuals with carbon-reducing projects.
Learn about Cool Effect, a digital platform that has launched with a goal to connect individuals with carbon-reducing projects.

Marcia G. Yerman

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The disconnect creating an optics problem for Ms. Trump is her partnership with G-III, a licensing company which designs, manufactures, and markets an extensive collection for her. They offer employees three months of UNPAID leave after the birth of a child.
Donald Trump’s already limited credibility continues to disintegrate daily. Melania has been called out for working in the USA while on a tourist visa. The Trump brothers are raising the ire of animal lovers in response to their big-game hunting photos.

Marcia G. Yerman

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Individual Attorneys General have been the recipients of a combined $2.8 million. There is an evident link between their actions and campaign donations from fossil fuel entities. Follow the money!
Learn which attorneys general are suing to halt America's Clean Power Plan, a historic and important step in reducing carbon pollution from power plants.

Marcia G. Yerman

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Mike Pence is a firm believer in his point of view. That includes abolishing abortion, unequal status for LGBT peeps, and climate change as a hoax. My favorite is when he fought to grant embryos in the womb “equal protection under the 14th Amendment.”
Pence has brought national attention to his state of Indiana because of his extreme views on abortion, as well as his perspective on the civil rights of those in the LGBT community. His goals for “affirming the value of all human life” appear to be selective.

Marcia G. Yerman

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Romain Lacombe, founder and CEO of +Plume Labs, is a firm believer in using data to boost “climate innovation,” and to "democratize access to environmental information.” Besides telling you the status of the air where you live, it's a great tool for environmental activists!
Learn about the plume air app, which collects 500,000+ data points daily from 11,000 stations in order to build predictive models for over 200 localities.
I come out of the visual arts, with over 20 years as a practicing artist. As a curator, I have focused on amplifying the voices of women, with an emphasis on diversity.

These activities led to a parallel career in writing, activism, and new media. My area of concentration is women's issues, culture, and human rights.

I co-founded CultureID, a platform to amplify the work of those in the arts creating culture with political intent and social content.
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Dr. Shtilbans is an excellent doctor. He helped my husband with Mutiple System Atrophy, type C (cerebellar). This is a very tough disease, but he knowledge is cutting-edge.
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I can always depend on Keith to handle my issues with the utmost consideration....which can be tough since I am the original Princess and the Pea. The slightest thing can create an issue for my vision. He has always been patient with me, and sticks with me until I can see properly. I can't say enough about how important that is. Kudos all around!
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Love this place. I'm new to Riverdale, and have become addicted to the chocolate, mocha, apricot cake. Carrot cake is good, unless you are on a diet. A box of the lacey cookies make a great gift! Still lots of items I want to try. I usually make a piece of cake last for several nights. This way I don't have to feel guilty. Service very friendly. Ask for Valentina. Tell her Marcia sent you!
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