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New Template - EI#222
New Template for you all. Was thinking of trying to do a couple of fall colors or themed templates! I hope you all likes. You Can Download This - HERE Lot's of Love,  

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Weee New Collab Template - Denny & Pooker #44
So how exciting is this!!!!
I know right! A New Denny & Pooker Collab!!!!!!  I am thrilled Denny messaged me and asked if I wanted to make a collab temp with her and I was like Oh yeah! lol And I also found out we havent made one together since 2013! WHAT??...

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New Template - EI#221
Hello all! Hope everyone is doing ok! Me well I am better than I ever was. Health wise that is. I have found a new me in this life of mine and lets just say this time around, I wont take anything for granted. I will try my best!
So with that said, Hello to ...

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Donate Button
Hi everyone! I have added a donate button on the top right hand side of the side bar.
I added this button for those who feel like helping My family out mostly! No its not something you ever have to do and never expected, but just in case if you all ever wan...

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New Template - EI#220
New Template for you all. I am not getting any better at these lol. I am wishing some template mojo was coming my way. I used to be able to just create with ease. I know it will come to me again. Anyways I hope you all likes! You Can Download This - HERE Th...

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Fighting The Battle - Here I come!!!!!
You know what? Screw this shit. All of it!!! I have changed my mind. I am gonna tag the shit out of stuff. I have been in such a fucked up situation in the real world that has rattled me, destroyed me, and beat the hell out of me that I no longer recognize ...

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Goodbye PSP World! I will miss you so!
I will be retiring for a while to get my RL straight. There will be no new things to be posted and I am so very sorry! The many friends I have made has been truly a gift! I hope you all understand I need to take me in control 1st! And hopefully when all is ...

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New Tag Showoff - Zindy & WDDesignz - Chicano
Weeeeeeeeeeee I have a new tag/set to showoff. I haven't done one of these in forever and I am just so excited! I am now on WDDesignz CT team and I am a very Happy Girl! Thank you Melissa so much for having me on your CT!!!! I know I haven't been on lately ...

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3 New Templates - EI#217 - EI#219
So I was on a bit of a roll with some templates and I even got carried away with them lol. I think I went overboard on these, but I hope you all like them. I like EI#217 the best out of the 3 lol.
Ok so I got templates out of my system for now I think lol, ...
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