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But Macs can't get viruses. - oh, this is a Trojan.
Anyone know of a simple way to check whether a given machine is infected? Want something to share with Mac-owning colleagues.
Wow given the number of Mac users who don't bother with any kind of security software, this is a major issue! In fact, many Mac users never bother with security patches... Putting OS X on a pedestal is not the best strategy.
Read the comments on Mashable's article about this issue... it would appear many don't "get" what is going on.
+Ilkka Rinne Yes, I read that one and decided that I'd better not pass it on to my colleagues. I see someone mentioned that this affects 10.6 only but is that correct?
This effects all versions of OS X with Java. 10.6 ships with Java embedded in the OS, so all 10.6 users are affected. 10.7 users who upgraded from 10.6 will have Java installed as well. Fresh installs of 10.7 do not include Java, but if you try to run a Java applet you are prompted to download and install it. 10.5 and earlier are no longer supported by Apple and not able to be patched.
+Chester Wisniewski Thanks for weighing in here. My students are quite interested in this and many of them, as Mac owners, are asking "what should I do?" They are also asking "how can I tell?" and that seems to be tricky. BTW, I also tell them that Sophos is a major employer in the Vancouver area.
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