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On the death this evening of Phil Everly, one half of the American brother group known for its wonderful harmonies and hits from the late 50s and early 60s. If you are a Google Play Music All Access customer you might want to play this entire album. One hit after another. Great to play in the background while working on your Chromebook with 30+ open tabs!
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I didn't intend this to show up with a "buy" link. I thought it would show the track with a full play. Let me try this again.
Love this song, thanks for the reminder!
Kelly, what actually plays here for you? Does the whole track play? The track I inserted here is not from the album that I own so this came out of All Access Google Play Music. 
Ah, I'm a teenager again! Thanks, Peter. R.I.P., Phil, and thanks for the music.
It's wonderful music isn't it Doreen? Wonderful melodies, amazing harmonies.
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