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Teacher | Network Admin | Journalist | Technology Enthusiast | CERN HST2011


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Quantum heat in a vacuum.

Here's some evidence, albeit indirectly, for the Unruh effect. If you accelerate through a vacuum you could be burned to death by the constant swirl of virtual particles that aren't so virtual in the accelerated frame.

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Equifax Canada finally issues statement.

Says up to 100,000 Canadians impacted by massive security and data breach. Affected data similar to that reported earlier for US.

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Calendar question.

Can the entire creation / management aspect of calendars be delegated? As I see it I must create these resources for calendars and then I can delegate after that.

Also, if I "hide a calendar from the list" (a choice you can easily accidentally hit), how do you bring it back?

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DAZN (da zone) is a mess!

Surely the NFL considered the technical pitfalls of streaming its games when it signed an exclusive all-games deal with London-based streaming service DAZN. Exclusive that is for Canada.

The outcry would have been deafening had this been done in the US market.

DAZN pried the Canadian rights away from the major telcos. Essentially, this meant that NFL games, other than featured games, would only be available via streaming.

If you've streamed anything you know that it is seldom perfect, and certainly not over an extended period. Cable TV is a pretty tough act to emulate in the world of data packets. And a streaming solution is usually many seconds to minutes behind the same event covered on cable.

It's hard to see DAZN recovering from this mess after its first couple of weeks covering the NFL games for Canadians.

Some Twitter reaction:

RT @LPRecordman: @DAZN_CA Hey Dazn. Why not do what Target did and just go away? All of Canada would thank you!

RT @JordanHunt26: Canadian NFL fans deserve better than DAZN. Bring back Sunday ticket for canada! This is a joke already @DAZN_CA @NFL

RT @coutter19: Congrats no longer have the distinction of "Worst Product Launch in Canada Ever"...that honour goes to @DAZN_CA

rianjcross8:17pm via Twitter for iPad
@nflcommish What plans do you have to fix the broadcast situation in Canada? DAZN is not an acceptable product.

RT @stevesun1: @POTUS @NFL @NFLCanada @DAZN_CA Dear Mr. Trump, could you build a wall to keep #DAZN out of Canada?

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Ten Google Street View games to while away a few hours.

Geoguesser leads the pack!

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Schneier on #Equifax. That is all!

Really. There is nothing further you need read. Bruce Schneier is among the most respected security researchers on the planet. You can take his word to the bank, unless of course your credit score has been compromised in the equifax breach!

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Bitcoin shrugs off closure of Chinese exchanges.

It seems that BTC isn't being spooked by formal notice of the closure of Chinese Bitcoin exchanges. Although BTC is still down by 25%, it has today rebounded somewhat and the market cap has moved back past $60 billion.

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It's been a wild week for Bitcoin, what with Jamie ("I'll fire you if you trade BTC") Dimon to Chinese BTC exchanges shutting down.
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