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Peter Vogel

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Big drop in Internet Explorer / Edge users.

Microsoft has done a good job at driving its once-dominant browser into oblivion, and, a the same time, accelerating the growth of Google's Chrome browser.
An estimated 33 million users deserted Microsoft's browsers last month, pushing the company's browser strategy closer to the edge of irrelevancy.
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And Internet Explorer 6 literally stopped the progression in web for several years as web developers had to adjust their sites to one of the worst browsers in the entire history.
7,8,9,11 wasnt much better and the upside is that the customers eventually switched to much better, standard compliant browsers.
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Peter Vogel

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Music streaming competition heats up.

Spotify sends letter to Apple's general counsel complaining that the iOS app store approval process is being used in anti-competitive manner.

Apple would be wise to pay heed.
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+Eid Ligata No they didn't, they just changed it to have customers enter an email address to get sent a link to outside subscription purchases. Same rules apply.
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Peter Vogel

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If you love looking up song lyrics you'll like the deal Google has struck with a Canadian company.

And you'll be checking out lyrics today, if you are in the US.
Starting today, music publishers and songwriters will have a brand new source of revenue.
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cool feature, really useful !!
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Peter Vogel

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The cold reality of 3D printing, and why you'll likely never own a 3D printer.

As the field matures, the low-end of the market, units costing below say $1,000, are selling in rather low numbers.
While 3D printer sales are expected to grow over the next four years, the consumer market has failed to take off as fast as expected. The reason? Buyers are still trying to figure out why they’d need a 3D printer at all.
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+Kenny Laidlaw Many 3D printers already auto-level (mine, the ~$600-800 Robo3D, does). The issue that puts it far outside consumer use is the amount of guessing, checking, tweaking, and upgrading that it takes to get quality prints out of it.

We've replaced about a quarter of its mechanical parts with newer, better ones, about half of which we printed on it. I'd say total cost of ownership so far has been closer to $900 - new drive screws, new extruder, extra fans, an exhaust system, an enclosure, and cost of plastic to print redesigned versions of most of its plastic components. To be fair the newer model of the same printer comes with most of these upgrades out of the box, so there has been some progress.

The good news is it's now printing at about the limits of quality for a FDM machine (which is good enough for a lot of things, but IMO not quite good enough for small, high-detail parts like wargame minis, which is my personal gold standard). More good news is that newer materials on the market are minimizing the guesswork.

As for libraries of 3D models, there are tons of them. A lot of the things we've printed have been designed at home, but for example there's a collection of minis for every monster in D&D 5th edition, there are full model sets for the plastic components needed to make other 3D printers, CNC mills (we just finished printing and are working on assembling one of those), there are toys, tools, tablet stands, phone cases, wall hooks, cup holders, a huge variety of cases and components for PCs. Really just about anything that can be made fully out of plastic there's a model for.

I think we'll hit consumer-readiness when good quality SLA printers reach the <$600 mark. They print faster, higher quality, and with a lot less need to fine-tune settings per material. The bigger question is: why would the average person want one? I don't think there is a good answer to that. Wargamers, artists, designers, engineers, and hackers might want them, but there's no 3D equivalent to printing documents and family photos that makes them compelling for the average household.
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Peter Vogel

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Attack on Microsoft's Office 365 customers.

Not clear what is going on here other than that it involves ransomware with an audio twist (and of course a BTC-based payment demand). The ransomware attack is triggered through a phishing email but it's not clear how the attackers rustled up the list of O365 customers.

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The takeaway for me is that this isn't just a "one of" event. Things appear to be getting more sophisticated than ever. Being "in the cloud" isn't necessarily a safer place. It reinforces the need to be aware of just what it is that you're doing.
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Peter Vogel

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Google doesn't hold back at ISTE16

Unleashes a flurry of announcements and upgrades. Some quite impressive.

Some, unfortunately, US-only. I'm thinking of the special deals for WeVideo, Soundtrap and Explain Everything. These are wonderful packages. In my school we are big on WeVideo and Soundtrap and are just signing a deal for licenses. We won't be able to take part in this new promo as we are in Canada.

Other big deals: Cast for Classroom, Expeditions, and graded quizzes in forms.
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Peter Vogel

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Google+ has follower count hiccup.

Or is it a clear out of inactive accounts?

I'm down to just eight. Even so-called lovable tech journalist +Mike Elgan is down to 500 or so from his near 6 million level.

So, just what is going on? 
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Right now G+ is not showing any followers in my profile page while untile a few hours ago I had almost 43,000 of them. If I go in the Pages section all my pages show 0 followers but if I go to each individual page the followers are correctly indicated. A weird glitch or there are men at work on the system and things are "fuzzy".
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Peter Vogel

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Happy Canada Day

Yes, it is our 149th birthday.
When it comes to live coverage of Canada's 149th birthday, CBC News has you covered. Here's a rundown on what to watch and where to find it.
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I got the how and where, missed the why though.
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Peter Vogel

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Even more people can get their hands on the most powerful versions of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 Ever since Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 launched in October, we’ve loved seeing and hearing fr…
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+Jack Carlson Oh really, well i have 3kg of alluvial gold, i think we can do barter trade for it, can that be possible?
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Peter Vogel

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Five years of Google+

I first used Google+ while spending a month with a group of physics teachers at CERN and the Large Hadron Collider. I had requested access, which came through the day I arrived in Geneva.

I was hooked and from that time have pretty much never missed making a daily post (and usually many more).

Early on the legendary +Robert Scoble put me in a recommended circle, quickly driving my follower count skyward. Eventually it reached 50,000+, but that number has pretty much been static since last September. Oh there have been a few thousand added to various collections, but let's face it, most of those 50k are phantom followers (or is it circlers).

In large part they, including the aforementioned Scoble, have moved to Facebook.

I'm grateful for all the people who are still active here, keeping it the rich platform it is. I'm thinking the likes of +Laura Gibbs and +Wolfgang Rupprecht  and so many others.

Who knows what the future holds for G+ but I'm bracing myself for the fact that Google could pull the plug on this experiment tomorrow.
Thank You!

Over the last five years each and every one of you helped me become different, more balanced in my views, more open in my thinking, willing to concede that even when someone else's point of view was wrong, they had a right to it and that right had to be addressed rather than shut down.

You've been privy to some of my innermost thoughts and I have shared openly, insights I have had and ideas I discovered, issues I could see and hopes and dreams I wanted to share. Your conversations have given me hope when sometimes I thought there was not a lot to be hopeful about and made me realize that underneath it all, the titles and ideologies, jobs and ethnicities, languages and histories, what actually mattered was the person rather than the beliefs.

I have seen some of you grow and develop out of all this interaction, frequently overtaking me in the scope of your thinking and the breadth of your knowledge.

I have no idea how far this journey will take us. I don't know whether the challenges we face, which are considerable, will prove to be too big for us to deal with. What I can promise you is that I will continue to share openly and strive to think clearly. My tiny way of saying "Thank You!" to each and everyone of you I have met or interacted with on this platform. 
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I may not post (may not have posted?) a lot on G+ but have followed truly amazing people with a lot of knowledge to share (thank you, +Peter Vogel ). From Education, through Computing, AI, to Philosophy. I, too, have learned here more than anywhere on the social media - MIT OCW doesn't count :) . The very idea of Facebook groups is offputting, with minor exceptions.
I have noticed over the past few months the people worthy of following have almost completely moved to Facebook and hardly ever post here.
I guess if G+ goes down, I'm going to subscribe to more blogs than I'm already subscribed to. But let's hope it won't. Not yet.
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Peter Vogel

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Wow! Richard Branson says Brexit has shaved about a third off his Virgin Group's market value.

Furthermore, says Brexit immediately cost his group a deal that would have resulted in 3000 jobs.

Calls for second vote. Says Britain headed for recession.
Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group, said on Tuesday the company had lost about a third of its value since last week's vote by Britons to leave the European Union, adding he believed the country was heading towards a disaster.
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Of course value went down. Britain is not a good base to conduct business with Europe anymore.
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Peter Vogel

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Another biggie from Google: Google Cast for Education.

Built into Classroom. In beta release now.
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Really cool! Too bad my Chromecast is sitting beside my projector doing nothing. I have given up with my school board. It took a year to get it to work. Now, it stops working every time I have to reset my network password, which is every couple months. So frustrating...
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