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Plan to run a further distance with a slower pace tomorrow

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"On You: A Story of Wearable Computing" is opening at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA this week

Clint Zeagler and I are setting it up today.  The exhibit shows why devices like Glass, Fitbit, LG Tone Pro, and Vuzix M100 were not possible until recently due to challenges in power, networking, mobile input, and display.  We have approximately 50 head-mounted displays as part of the exhibit.

Here is a preview:

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I may need this in the near future considering google
Has stopped supporting glass.z
Good news Glass Family and Explorers, after some brainstorming and testing many different things I managed to seal my foil from the elements! I thought about making an acrylic cover, using epoxy and many other things until inspiration suddenly hit! My little sister loves to paint her nails and mentioned she uses monomer and acrylic to shape her nails into all sorts of clear designs.

After a bit of experimenting I nervously decided to do or die and commit to giving this a whirl. To my happy surprise everything worked! The foil did not bubble or react to the chemicals and I now have a hard seal around the foil! I'm going to give it one more coat around the edges to really give it a full seal then slowly and gently sand it to even it all out. I might come back and give it a nice shine later.

I'll continue to wear glass around all weather conditions to see if this holds true but for any of you interested I used acrylic nail liquid and acrylic nail power to create a gel substance you can brush and mold around the prism. Much thanks for ladies nail products!
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Thanks so much for giving this watch for free.

Lets reshare this post together!
On my desk is a brand new, unopened LG G Watch in white. I was lucky enough to be given this but have no use for it currently so I'd like to pass it on to someone who will make good use of it.

If you'd like me to post this to your home address, absolutely free of charge then reshare this post. Whoever has the most direct public reshares (i.e. whosever reshare is reshared the most) will win the watch. For free. No kidding. Happy New Year.

#gwatchr #giveaway-greg
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