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Agypt – An Alternatity, mixture of Desert, Urban & Jungle Land.
This idea stems from a misspelling of
the country in the north of Africa. I left the spelling in my monster
description, as I thought it kinda fit. Eventually I realized that I
wanted that name to be the one in game and then started thinking up an
Egyptian ...

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Ravok - living exo-skeleton battle armour
Have used these creatures a few times, as end the big-bad monsters at the end of the dungeon, hunting anyone that come inside their domain. Their tail is quite powerful and a source of known magic in a low magic world. They were inspired by the predator mov...

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Barbapapen - shape-shifting fey blobs with highly social and hedonistic tendencies
Was always a large fan of the Barbapapa TV show as a young child. It wasn't until I was much older I realized where they came from and the many books that came much before the show. Barbapapen NG Medium Fey Init  +1  Senses  Low-light
vision; Perception +3 ...

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Claw Steed - Wild equine beasts, tooth maw and sharp claws instead of hooves
One of the oldest creatures I ever statted, as the preferred steed in wild regions of my world. Claw Steed    CR 5 XP 1,600 N Large Animal Init +4 Senses Low-light vision; Perception +8  DEFENSE AC 17 touch 9, flat-footed 17 (+8 natural, -1 size) hp 47hp (5...

Was at my local pub last night, when the most awesomest bar maid / friend was celebrating her birthday. She was going into so many small details explaining our one shot game the other night. I swear she had convinced a few more people to join. One of the proudest game moments in a very long time. A wonderful, silly, happy moment apart of a great night. 

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City of Terraxxia, in the Human nation of Mandos
Terraxxia Nation: Mandos Location: Eastern Section, near the Great Tay Forest Population: 200,000 Distribution: Human (75%), Dwarf (10%), Minotaur (5%), Tenderfoot (5%), Lizardith (5%) Major Products: Cay Leaves, Poultice, Tea, Spice, Liqour Blood Stone, No...

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Holy Sufferers - Prestige Class of Non-Violence
"According to our scripture - there is a finite amount of hurt in the world. When I take on an once more pain, then someone else's burden is lessened." Anonymous Holy Sufferer Holy Sufferers For most people, the idea of suffering for others is a strange con...

Will be making a change to my CV. I am gonna list listening to sweet, sweet jazz all day, oh yeah, account analysis, dealing his unhappy vendors, but the music prevails!!! 
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