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Marriage... To Live a Happily Ever After...
On July 5, 2010, I wrote in my journal (which I do not update as much as I should), that I was praying for a change in my life, and part of that change included meeting my soon-to-be husband.  The entry, word by word, is as follows... Journal, This year I'v...

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Let's talk about Sex baby!
Sex is a topic that is loved.. People love talking about it and apparently doing it too.. Sex sells!! It is everywhere around us, our friends talk about it, magazines scream to use at the grocery line.. It is everywhere!! I like thinking about sex in an int...

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Hello/Goodbye Monday
Hello my lovely ladies!! What a Monday today was, the entire reason I decided to begin blogging, to somehow dedicate myself to something I am passionate about, instead of always being stuck in an 8 to 5.  I currently work for a children's agency that assist...

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Being IN Love with LIFE!!!
Hello everybody!! This is my first post for blog and I am so excited I finally gained the courage to try something I had on my list to do for all eternity.  One of my biggest dreams has always been to start a blog that will inspire people to believe in them...
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