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Axis Armada
Original pop rock band from Rochester NY
Original pop rock band from Rochester NY

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Here we go, Kickstarter is live! Check out the video and read our story, I think you will find it entertaining! The race is on and we want to thank everyone in advance for helping us as we run toward our goal! Feel free to share, comment and spread the word! Stay tuned, more to come! 

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Getting Psyched up for the Purple Pig Festival!! Axis Armada will be playing Fri Night at 10:00pm in the Barn Stage! It will be our fist gig during our Kickstarter campaign that starts earlier that week. My childhood partner in crime, Mr. Joseph Schenk, is throwing the 2nd Annual Purple Pig Festival on his gorgeous piece of land in the hills of Naples. The first year was an absolute smash! so don't miss out on catching some of the best vibes and music around. Go to to grab your tickets!

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We all have a dream and at certain times in life opportunity knocks! Our dream is to make music for other people and the opportunity is on our doorstep...we just need a little help! On Monday September 16th we are going to open up a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to help raise some extra money to capitalize on an opportunity that we currently have to finish up our debut album with Grammy Award winning producer Matt Marrin. A few months back we sent a few of our songs out to some of the most well respected producers in the country. We did so in hopes that we might be able to solidify a partnership or some interest as we looked to embark on our first full length Axis Armada album. Much to our delight we immediately heard back from LA based, Grammy Award winning producer, Matt Marrin. For the last few months we have formed a great relationship with Matt Marrin and we are well on our way to completing this album. Matt Marrin has been right behind us, guiding the production of each song. To date we have invested $8000 of our personal money to have Matt produce and mix the first 4 songs on the album. We felt it was important to invest in ourselves and prove our dedication to the project before we asked others to help us finish this up. We have already received the first four songs back from Matt and even we were astounded at what we were able to accomplish!

Now, as we look ahead, we have 6-8 more songs that are ready to be mixed by Matt and that is what we are raising the money to accomplish. We hope that the pursuit of our great opportunity will help inspire others to set out after the opportunities that lie in front of them. Stay tuned here or at for more information. We will give you all the information you need in the last few days before this campaign kicks into gear! 

We want to thank you all in advance for your support. Know that we will do everything in our power to pay it forward! 

Shaun Matt Nate Cody and Scott
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