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Sasha and Patti's Eggnog Cream Pie
Sasha and Patti brought this for our Christmas Eve dinner and it is going on my list of Seasonal favorites. Not too heavy, nor too sweet, and just the right amount of Eggnog flavor! Everyone loved it so much that I think it will be a great hit for any Chris...

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Lovin' some Sunday Food
Today Charlie and I made home made bread and beef barley soup. Delicious! I have never made bread from scratch before, and now it doesn't feel quite so intimidating as it once was. Our oven cooks much faster than the recipe called for so it was a good thing ...

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Cherise's Pumpkin Cookies
This recipe reminds me of the large cookies I would find at the supermarket every fall back in Utah where I grew up. Now I didn't make my cookies as big as what I remember, but I could have. Nonetheless when Savannah saw them she thought they were big so th...

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Success! Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes
So I decided to make these for my birthday treat to take to work. And Success. I know I sid never to try new recipes on people, but this one turned out perfect! Definitely making these again!! Even Savannah loves them and she hates pumpkin pie. Originally p...

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We made sushi! Well at least my husband did while I offered moral support and taste testing. My sister gave us a sushi making kit for Christmas and we have been wanting to make it for a while but I gotta be honest it was intimidating until we went to a sush...

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Shirley's Swiss Steak
Cut round steak into serving size pieces. Pound flower into both sides. Pepper and salt to taste. Brown pieces in fry pan. Place into baking dish and cover with diced onions and a little garlic Pour the following mixture of meat: 1/2 cup water (can use meat...

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Red Beans & Sausauge
This recipe I found on a package was so good, my family asked me to make it again. I thought I'd better write it down before it got lost! 1 Pkg Andouille sausage, diced 1 Tbs Olive Oil 3 Stalks Celery, diced 1 medium onion, dice 1 medium green pepper, diced...

7:05 pm here in GB WI and it's 78 degrees! WOW what is going on here?

Know how long it's been since I had mom's raisin cookies? Forever.
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