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How To: Paint Canvas Shoes
So I went to see Fall Out Boy on their Boys of Zummer Tour in and it was the best day of my life. I got up to the front of the pit and Patrick Stump looked right at me (okay maybe he didn't, but don't break my fangirl heart). Needless to say, I am still not...

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Where have I been?
Today is the first time I have logged on since March. I feel really bad about abandoning my blog. So here is a shameless plug for my most recent Craft Break: DIY Hobbit Hole in a Jar . I am going to make it a goal to get back to posting. But look for a re-d...

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The Hobbit: DIY Hobbit Hole Jar
With the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies coming to theaters soon, I decided what more perfect birthday gift to make for my Tolkien-obsessed friend than a hobbit hole in a jar? This artificial terrarium specifically features Bag End, the...

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Quote of the Week: March 9-15
"Dream big and dare to fail" -Norman Vaughan Here is a good motivational quote for this week. It reminds me to not give up on my dreams, and that failure is not a setback, but something to overcome. What does this quote mean to you? How will you live by its...

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Coffee Shop Thought: Coming Soon!
Happy Thursday everyone! I am getting ready to begin posting Coffee Shop Thought Thursdays. I will post bi-weekly thoughts to reflect on and respond to. My goal is that you will participate with comments and share what you think. Now for an update on the pr...

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Weekly Quote: March 2-8
Image: Allison Gens "I avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward" - Charlotte Brontë I am starting my very first Weekly Quote with a quote by Charlotte Brontë and one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken (I even submitted it to ...

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My Month in a Photo: February 2014
Image: Allison Gens Here is a view of the Hocking River for my February photo. This was taken toward the end of the month when there was a big heat wave! I took this with my iPhone while I was out biking on the bike path. I may share some of my photos from ...

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Sochi 2014: Closing Ceremony
image: So the Sochi Winter Olympics have come to a close. The Closing Ceremony was an incredible event. It was graceful, sentimental, and beautiful. It truly contrasted to the London Closing Ceremony, which was more vibrant instead of traditi...

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DIY: Long-distance Valentine
Valentine's Day was Friday, so I am going to share with you what I did for my boyfriend. You may not know (but you do now), that I am in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend of almost three years. The past few weeks have been tough on us, so I dec...

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Sochi 2014: The Winter Olympics
Hello everyone! I am finally back on! I have been so behind on posts because of school work and activities. I should not have committed to posting every day, so i do apologize for that. I should also say that I do not have much time to post today, either, b...
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