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My friend Niamh Shields (a food superhero) has a bacon kickstarter. I defy you to read the page at the link without dribbling just a little bit. Please go ahead and back her: I really want a book come February!

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Probably inelegant to +1 something I wrote myself, but this news means I actually get to sit back and enjoy Easter, so I'm going with it.

Some folks' marketing strategy is just bizarre. I just got this email at my Raspberry Pi address:


I am contacting you on the behalf of [Name Redacted] Buildings about opportunities to write for your site. Because we are specialized in buildings, we would be able to provide high-quality content in that realm, but because we are focusing on becoming a more web centric company, we would be able to write on effective marketing strategies and social media. If you would like for us to write for your site, let us know how long you would like the posts to be and other constraints.

You can reach me through this e-mail. I look forward to working with you.


Buildings and marketing and social media! I hope they're not as bad at buildings as they are at the other two.

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The lady who owned the cattery my parents used when I was a kid had her entire ear bitten off by a pet raccoon. In Bedfordshire. Which makes me suspect that what happens in the linked article is inadvisable.

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One of the Raspberry Pi mods sent me this article about the management of difficult people in open-source projects today. It's a refreshing read after a morning spent goggling in horror at what the folks on Slashdot have to say.

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New blogpost at Gastronomy Domine. A few words about why things are a bit quiet at GD while I'm working on Raspberry Pi, while I eat my way through a hamper from Forman and Field that's bound to make you very, very jealous. And hungry.

It's probably considered impolite to eat a giant bowl of garlic noodles just before getting onto a plane, isn't it?

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Shooting Fish In The Barrel, Why Is It That? (5:44am)

Yes, I know you've probably seen this already. But on the off-chance you haven't, prepare to laugh like a drain.

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I used to play in an orchestra with Giles in the 1990s, where he tootled mightily on the Logical Bassoon, a device he'd invented in the 1960s. I did not know the thing about his penis, but I am awed on discovering it.

Things that jar after living in a hotel for a bit:

The light switches. There are about six in here (I may not have found all of them yet), and none of them does what you think it will.

The windows. I am not planning on jumping out of one, but may be driven to it by the lack of fresh air if they continue to put anti-opening devices on them.

The bathplug. It's operated via a complicated system of levers and toggles. And it doesn't work. What happened to a bung on a string?

Eight-dollar bottles of Evian in the minibar.

No cats.
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