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Leading distributor for Softball and Baseball Equipment!
Leading distributor for Softball and Baseball Equipment!

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So many new bats...Miken, Worth and Combats!!!!!

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We are pleased to announce our sponsorship of P&P 333 and their quest through the USSSA Conference schedule.

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We currently have a Bat Raffle going on for the NEW 2012 Titan 27oz (Good for 2013 USSSA Play). $10/entry. Taking 20 entries total! 1st Draw gets the Demo Bat (< 100 swings) , 2nd and 3rd draw get a Worth Slowpitch Flex fit hat, choice of color from Paypal to

Raffle Time:

Saturday: ABA Co-Ed Tournament at Mitchell Field.
Sunday: ABA C Turkey Shoot Out. Morning at Eisenhower and Afternoon at Mitchell!

We will have the bats available and will be opening one 27oz for the demo. We will also have some USSSA hoodies available.

You will get 5 swings for free. Then for $10 you will get an additional 15 swings plus a raffle ticket to win the demo bat. Giving you 20 swings total and a chance to win a bat. We will only be taking 20 entries for the demo bat. All bats are returnable with receipt. All entries from last week are still valid for this drawing.

In Addition, we will be running a separate raffle, with 25 entries. $10 per raffle will get you your choice of any in-stock bat from AOS! All bats are returnable with a valid receipt. Raffle is for a Bat Only.

Finally, After the drawing of each bat raffle. All remaining entries will go back into an additional drawing for 2 additional prizes. The first person drawn out of this raffle will win an Elite Roller Bag (Black/Blue) NWOT, courtesy of Puco. The 2nd person to be drawn will win either a Worth Hat or TYJA Titanium necklace.

Order wil be first come first serve and the raffle drawing will go down as soon as all entires are fulfilled. We will video tape the raffle for validity.

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+All-Out Sports SBTUS Raffle Winner!! Congrats !

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Thank you for being part of our Google+ community. Here you will find many exclusive deals and package for softball players and teams. Check out the Free hoodie offering we currently have going on.....
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