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The smell was overwhelming. Nice park though. Lots of trees and there's hills and brush so you can lose your dog and line of sight if you don't keep up with them or if they decide to run off with their new dog friends. Overall a nice park but the smell was very strong of poop/urine.
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Polish is delicious!
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Ok, the outside is a little worn down but don't let that chase you away. The inside of the restaurant is a little dated but if you're there for the environment and the show, then go to Olive Garden or Don Pablo's where they focus on what the dishes look like rather than what the food should taste like. This is very good food and a nice reasonable price. The lunch Buffet ran about $7.50 for all you can eat and with drink. Add tip and it comes to about $10 a person. Not bad. The food was very good. The restaurant itself is a little run down, meaning, you can look up and see some water stains in the foam recessed ceiling, or a few of the tiles moved over to accomidate an extension cord... so it's not the most glamorous place but I'm not there for the show. If you're uptight, this isn;t the place for you. Axel's if across the way from here. This is a more laid back, middle class kind of restuarant with very good food. Definately not a "Chain" restaurant. Service A+, Food A, Eat-in area C, Menu Items A, Parking A, Location C,
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i had a good experience there. the place is always packed so get there on the off hours between meals if you dont want to wait. the rib tips and bbq sauces were tasty. the service was good. overall a nice experience at this blue collar restaurant.
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