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Thomas Krafft
California kid, troublemaker, geek, vp of marketing @CrowdMed. Family, music, politics and chocolate addict.
California kid, troublemaker, geek, vp of marketing @CrowdMed. Family, music, politics and chocolate addict.

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let's try black and white for a while

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Thanks Robert!
My must-have app list for SXSW

This year I haven't seen a ton of new apps, so thought I'd write up what I'm using to keep up with what's happening at SXSW and see if any of you have any recommendations.

>>GroupMe is a MUST HAVE. Already I have about 100 friends sharing party and event info with me. 
>>Others I have in this folder? Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Quora, Highlight (which is most useful at SXSW), Google+ Hangouts, Skype, Pulse, and Facebook Paper).

>>Camera+ is a MUST HAVE. Best camera app around.
>>Snapseed, for photo editing, is a must have.
>>Instagram, for all those selfies.
>>Others in this folder: iPhoto, YouTube Capture, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Comcast X1 Remote.

>>A good calendar app is a must have. I like Tempo the best.
>>Good note taking app, Evernote is my favorite, if you go to sessions.
>>Moves, for tracking your walking.
>>A good business card scanner is a must have. I use CardMunch.
>>Others in this folder: EasilyDo, Amazon Kindle, Rackspace Cloud, Google Authenticator, IFTTT, Google MyGlass, LifeLock, LastPass, and Google Voice.

>>Your airline app (I mostly fly United). 
>>Tripit to keep track of where your friends are, and all those travel details.
>>Uber, to get rides at SXSW, is a must have.
>>Others in this folder: Hipmunk, Hotel Tonight, Workday, SeatGuru, KAYAK, Concur.

>>Must have? Foursquare, to see tips about where you are, and see where your friends are checking in.
>>Must have? Google Maps. The best. 
>>Must have? AroundMe. Great for finding things you need near you.
>>Must have? Get your team on Life360 , and/or Glympse, to tell others where I you can see where they all are in real time.
>>Others in this folder: Waze, for traffic, and Glympse, to tell others where I am.

>>MUST HAVE? Yelp, Foodspotting, Urban Spoon, and OpenTable for dealing with restaurants.
>>Others in this folder? TalkTo, ParkNow (only for SF), Amazon, Starbucks, Fandango for movies, Delectable and Vivino for wine.

>>Must have? Not much in this category but I have a Nest thermostat at home, so if I forget to turn down the heat I can do it from this app.
>>Others in this folder? Revolv (the home automation system I use), PayPal, Wells Fargo for banking.

>>Must have? SXSW2014 app (the official one).
>>Also Must have? Eventbrite (most parties now book on Eventbrite).
>>Others in this folder? Soundcloud, Spotify, Syzzle (for finding local music), Sonos, Applauze (also lets me find local music).

>>MUST HAVE? For me? It's the Breaking news app and Flipboard. I just don't get enough value out of the rest to keep them on my phones, particularly after watching Twitter and Facebook all day, which is where I get my news.

>>Must have? Facebook app. So many people are comparing event notes with me right now it's nuts.
>>Gmail. You do use Gmail, right? 
>>Google Chrome.

Keep in mind I just deleted all the apps I haven't used in more than a month, so these are all apps that I actively use. How about you? Which apps are you taking to SXSW?

Oh, and why show you my iPhone screen? Because. I have mostly the same apps on my Android devices too that I'm carrying with me.
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Public Service Announcement: Hey Google+ friends - Google will start using your photos and information in ads today, unless you disable "Shared Endorsements" under your Profile Settings area.

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Finally! An alternative to the Lorem Ipsum placeholder text I know all my web designer friends will appreciate!

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