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Our new hour The Fact of the Matter -- stories of facts that change thinking, complicate feelings, & in one case... get in the way of a bigger truth:
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I posted this to Robert's Yellow Rain blog at RL, but will post it here too:

There are far too many comments on this thread and Jad's thread to read them all to see if anyone else has said this, but I think the "Obvious Truth" explanation was left off the report. At least it's obvious to me as a retired neurologist and retired bee keeper. The Bee Poop was a response by the bees to an organophosphate nerve toxin, such as Sarin, which was used to kill the Hmong and animals. Pooping is an immediate reaction to such toxins, by insects or humans. The Yellow Rain was the canary in the coal mine indicating a gas attack. It did not cause the problem, it signaled it. This could have been easily explained to the Hmong to show that everyone was right, but correlation was confused with causation.   #Yellowrain   #sarin   #nervegas   #bees   #beekeeping  
Is Radiolab journalism or story telling? This is one of the main questions that I had after listening to this episode. I am reminded of Jad's incredulousness during his interview with Daisy about Apple, how Daisy presented his story telling as journalism.

The outcome of this episode really brings out further issues about how we conceive knowledge, journalism and truth among cultures. It needed to be handled much more sensitively taking into account these cultural differences, and I am surprised that it wasn't considering the time Radiolab had to edit before broadcast.
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