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Whoa...kind of looks like a forest of question marks.
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Weird! Looks like there was some strong wind there or something!
Last i heard it was man made to make curve one pice furniture or something like that but I'm not 100% sure is this is true ;-)
¿Upside down Spanish question marks perhaps? :)
Maybe they were flattened by a bomb blast or other explosion. Do they all emanate out from a central point?
Yes it does! I think Jared has the right idea.
The mystery of how and why is solved in the comments found in the article link below: "Hello, I have been to Gryfino last May,and took many photographs of the trees, some of them from very close to try to understand.
First, what is striking is that they look like the trunk has been cut off when they were young and that the side branch that grows when you cut this kind of tree was held down before letting is grow straight up. This is the only way I can explain why the first bending of all crooked trees is at an angle and never a curve.
Second thing to remember: Gryfino, was German when the trees were planted.
So if we want to find information about furniture and cabinet makers who would have used them we should look at German Jugendstil style (1900/30), which is noted for its numerous curvilinear features.
For me this tree farming could have been started as a way to have strong, not carved curves but would have been abandoned with Jugendstil not becoming as popular and everlasting as the growers would have expected... and curves being replaced by the pure straight lines of the Bauhaus."
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