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Skype IOS App Re imagined, Eye Candy over Substance

If you watch the videos and read the information on the Skype website you would be forgiven in believing this was a huge leap forward. Unfortunately when you actually get your hands on the app and start using it you soon find that the UI changes have come at the expense of functionality. Here is some of the functionality that is no longer available.

You can’t delete chat or edit chat conversations from the app any more.
You can’t listen to voice messages left for you any more.
You can’t look at or edit your contacts profile information any more.
It’s much more difficult to send an SMS than it was with the previous version.

These are just some of the features and functionality missing from the previous version. It seems that the software engineers at Skype have obsessed (their word) over pixels, when they should have spent more time obsessing over functionality. This version has been gutted in favour of the new Windows Phone style user interface. 

What Microsoft and Skype need to understand is not everybody even has a computer and they use Skype solely from their mobile device, so this missing functionality is a real issue for them. If you think I am being a bit harsh then just pop over to the Skype support forums and read some of the angry posts. Even if you take into account a few trolls most post are angrily asking, what happened to the functionality? 

Remember the old rule “Form follows function” unfortunately for us Microsoft has forgotten that in this case. 

Skype has dropped the Ball

I think with the Skype IOS version 5 app fiasco Google has a real opportunity with Hangouts to grab a larger user base. There are a lot of current Skype users that are now looking for an alternative. So come on Google don't drop the ball keep developing the Hangout Technology.

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I currently run a Wiziq account which allows me to run online meetings or presentations. If this interests you then let just let me know.

So my on again off again page is back on again, if you know what I mean :)

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My Wiziq account and virtual class room. 

I had forgotten that I created a Google+ page maybe I need to reflect on whether I need it.

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Do you use Chrome Browser? You may not know that there is am ever growing Chrome Store that allows you to add extensions to Chrome to add functionality. Here is the link.

Just testing out the new Google+ Business pages.
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