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Hans Giesholt
Drummer! Royal Pain in the ass extraordinaire.
Drummer! Royal Pain in the ass extraordinaire.

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Please keep your posts for musicians hooking up together. No videos etc. This page is for musicians to hook up with each other please.

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Bored! Hangout anyone?

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Jazz Musicians. I created this community so jazz musicians could hook up and start playing together. If you get into a town where a member is at, live in the same area. Playing with as many different people is a great thing.  We need to keep the Jazz art form alive.

How is everyone doing?

Anyone want to hang out? I an bored right now. Locked in due to weather.

I was hoping that you all would start hooking up to start playing together. Please share the page and invite other jazz musicians so we all can start hooking up to play. Thanks All!!!! 

Hi folks. I know I am not on here much. Everyone seems to understand this page. I will try and check in more often. I live in the National Forest now days. But I want musicians to get together. I will keep adding as more requests come in. I hope you all find some music connections.

Hey folks if your a musician. I created a community Jazzers! For Jazz! It's for jazz musicians to network and to get together and jam. I will sign you on if you want to join. Be cool. It's for musicians to hook up with one another.

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