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Tonya Souther
Second Life builder, scripter, viewer developer, and tigress domme
Second Life builder, scripter, viewer developer, and tigress domme

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Announcing the Hospes Lategum
My wife Chibi Souther and I have been working on a new project. We've created a world, and a roleplay environment, for latex lovers in Second Life: Hospes Lategum. * The Hospes Lategum is a society of people who, since about 500 BC, have permanently joine...

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See, furries are good for something!

Over on SLUniverse, I made the mistake of pointing out that I'm a Tea Party Republican, in response to an SJW's crusade there and on SL, and others' claiming that using the term SJW was a sign of misogyny and sexism. I immediately got jumped on by +Han Held and Roxy Coutourier, among others, for pointing out that the terms "misogyny" and "sexism" are used mainly by the Left to shut down discussion instead of engaging policy disagreements. Han, in particular, got really, really unhappy over multiple posts that I refused to discuss it further in that forum, as I said I would not in my first post.

I'll be happy to discuss them here, where we're not tripping over folks who are actually in a SL forum to discuss SL.

Han's problem is that she conflates conservatism with social conservatism. As Bronxelf said, I am the former, but not the latter.

I believe in a strong national defense and foreign policy.
I think that a strong economy, unburdened by intrusive government overregulation, benefits everyone, and that government regulations often hurt those they are intended to help.
I think the government should get out of my wallet and out of my bedroom.
I think abortion should be safe, legal and rare (as in rarely needed, not as in regulating it to the point it's nearly impossible to obtain).
I think the war on drugs is a failure, and should be done away with, though I think those who oppose it generally underestimate badly their costs to society - and no, not all of those costs are due to their being illegal.
I think those who consume resources should pay for them, as there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.
I believe that if you try to soak the rich, they'll simply find ways to keep their money, be it by tax dodges or moving elsewhere.
I think that the Left cries "sexism" and "RAAAACISM!!!" (especially) and "privilege!" and all the rest as ways to shut down discussion of opinions and ideas they disagree with, not as serious attempts to engage their opponents.
Similarly, I think the whole "war on women" meme is a creation of the Left to beat conservatives about the head and shoulders with.
I believe there is no such thing as "social justice". Justice is always and solely an individual matter, not one of societies.
I believe the Second Amendment means exactly what it says about "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed", and that blaming the gun for the hand that holds it does nothing to actually address the problem.

The tea party platform, insofar as there actually is one, is solely, purely, and totally that we need to return to the Constitution as the basis for our government: a government of limited, clearly enumerated powers, that otherwise stays the hell out of people's lives. Nothing more, nothing less. Our government has grown far larger and more intrusive than the Founders ever imagined, and indeed beyond what the Constitution was designed to limit it to. There's nothing about race or gender or anything else there, no matter how furiously the Left tries to claim there is.

So yes, I am a tea party conservative, and refuse to apologize for it in any way. I'll happily argue about the things it is about, and just as happily debunk those things that it's claimed to be but isn't.

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How does anyone find a specific hairstyle on SL from the zillions available?
The character with the red hair is Kei, from the anime Dirty Pair. I want a hairstyle like that. So far, browsing through the Marketplace seems a total loss, and nobody's got anything keyworded appropriately.

Update: One additional difficulty: I can't wear rigged mesh hair with my avatar.


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LL to merchants: No TPV for you!
Yesterday, Linden Lab  announced that merchants would be migrated to the new Viewer Managed marketplace beginning next Thursday, July 23, and that once migrated, merchants would need to use the Second Life VMM Viewer to manage their stores. Never mind that ...

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Another one bites the dust
I did something this morning I haven't done in years on my main account: "set home to here". For the last several years, my home is on a sim run by my good SL and RL friend Axi Kurmin. Cursed is a Goth village, home to the last true Goth club in SL, Gothika...

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A lovely picture of me by Ota Kuwolf, a friend from FurAffinity and Otakuwolf Otafuku on SL.

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Announcing the first product form Tonya's Latex...

Get it from the Marketplace, or, soon, inworld. (I'd post the Marketplace link here, but G+ +can't handle it...)

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LL says "we know what's best for you!"
Inara Pey posted a very good rundown of Ebbe Altberg's comments on SL:TNG at VWBPE 2015. There's nothing really new there, but Altberg did come flat out and say what LL had danced around before: We have stated that we’re not planning for our client, at leas...

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Thanks for the invite, +Danko Whitfield.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm one of the developers of the Firestorm viewer. I've done a lot of work on it, and on the Phoenix viewer before it. In the process, I've gained a lot of insight into how Second Life and OpenSim work at all levels, from the technical to the political and business.

I have a region on the Littlefield Grid, both used for testing and as a base for (sadly, not enough) ventures into the OpenSim world.

I blog infrequently, for the most part, but when I do, it's because something has motivated me to write at length about something I feel needs public comment. I speak only for myself, though anyone is free to agree with me.

Most of my posts are about the viewer development process, mainly on Second Life since that's where I hang out and where most of my friends are.
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