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...more, than just photography...
...more, than just photography...

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Mboya Yesterday at
10:41am  ·  Get to know your own rich Heritage within your immediate Family
during Black Heritage Month. I
was thinking about the above post on Facebook  as I was going through some school
records for Oklahoma 1895-1914. In connecti...

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Copyright 2016 Terry J. Ligon March 1,
2016 would have been the 151 st birthday of Bettie LOVE the daughter
of an enslaved woman named Margaret Ann ALEXANDER in Burneyville, Indian
Territory; Bettie’s father was an influential Chickasaw Indian with large la...

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Address Comments to Fold3
Well since you asked; below is the link to Fold3  comments page. It has a drop down list that you can direct your comment, I chose General Feedback and left them this: Greetings, I was glad to recently receive an email announcing you were offering some of y...

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In other
news today, the Sequoyah National Research Center (SNRC) published “A Guide toresources available in the Sequoyah National Research Center for research onthe subject of THE HISTORICAL RELATIONSHIPS OF AFRICAN DESCENDED PEOPLES andAMERICAN INDIANS. ...

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Does Black History Include Indian Territory?
Earlier in the week I pondered out loud on another
site how nice it would be if and opened up their sites for
free access during the month of February in honor of “Black History Month.” I don’t know or recall if they have ever...

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The Thomas LOVE Connection, Blood of Their Fathers
I had been contacted by some Chickasaw LOVE descendants and one in particular
took me to task about my grandmother’s claim to be the daughter of Robert
Howard LOVE . He stated emphatically that it was impossible for Bettie LIGON to
be Robert’s daug...

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DNA may be the one thing that affirms the fight for recognition as Chickasaw and Choctaw "Citizens by Blood."

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Recently I
received an email through the Find A Grave website from someone who called themself
“Chickasaw Elder.” In the email they felt the need to tell me my great
grandmother Bettie was in fact not the daughter of the man she knew as her
father to her dy...

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Finding Your Roots #In Search of Our Fathers
Going into
this week’s episode of Finding Your Roots I wanted to approach viewing the
series from a different angle as I watch each episode. With many of the programs similar to this the central theme is based around the genealogy of
celebrities. I asked th...

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Segregated History Day in Oklahoma
I was having a wonderful discussion with a colleague this
morning concerning an upcoming event presented by the Oklahoma Genealogical
Society. On the surface this would appear to be a nice event that is being
supported by the state institution known as the ...
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