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Sam Lemieux
Costumer, corsetier, cosplayer, and everything in between
Costumer, corsetier, cosplayer, and everything in between

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So, multiple pages worth of places I've shipped to! Phew!

Pretty cool though, huh?

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New tutorial up on YouTube!
If you need a last-minute Halloween costume, I got you covered! How about making a pair of easy and amazing wings that will blow everyone away? Well, if you have about $5 and an hour or so, you can totally kill it at your party!

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Today is a sad day. The world lost a visionary.

I need to get violently angry more often. Instead of breaking stuff, I made 3 corsets to 75% done - Applejack, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie! Just need to add boning, bind them & add details like cutie marks!

It's getting chilly out, so of course I now want to write :/

And this is why Geek.kon may be one of the best conventions...

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Hahahaha, artists are so angsty sometimes.

My favorite?
#9, which introduced a new phase into my vernacular: "amateur shit-doodling hooligan"

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And a project worth backing! Spare a few $$ and it will go to a great cause!

Come on, you convention nerds - this is right up your alley for something you know you'd love to see - it's a "choose your own adventure" style theatre piece!

Look at the prop build list:
· Six(6) fully destructible hovercrafts
· Two(2) partially destructible giant robots (one evil)


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This is the most amazing series of images, I just have to share, especially with my costuming friends. I want to make them all, now...
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